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Past Projects

SURF ProgramSURF students have worked in the laboratories of a variety of noted Rockefeller University researchers, including Nobel Prize-winners.

Recent SURF projects include:

  • PI31 Regulation Involves Catalytic Activity of the Proteasome
  • Small Intestine Organoids: Reductionist System to Study the Gut
  • Characterizing Projections from the AM and OFC to the ACC and their Involvement in Associative Learning
  • Building an Actin Filament Molecular Force Detector
  • Delineating the role of immunoglobulin A in suppressing colon tumorigenesis
  • The Fidelity of T7 RNA Polymerase Under Force
  • FHL2 interacts with AP-1 transcription factors bound to DNA
  • Antibody staining of primordial germ cells in Taenopygia castanotis embryos
  • Characterizing DNA Damage-induced Phenotypes in FANCA-deficient Keratinocytes
  • Role of Thy-1 Promotor in Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Models
  • Refining ATAC-seq master peak sets to identify putative regulatory networks involved in drug induced senescence
  • Visualizing the mechanosensitive channel YbiO preserved in a native membrane nanodisc environment
  • Fat is a Chatty Organ: Studying Adipose Crosstalk and Secretion
  • SOX9’s Mode as a Master Regulator Through Global H3K4-Monomethylases Recruitment
  • Optimizing cryo-EM data processing of native γ-tubulin ring complex
  • Understanding RTF2 Regulation During DNA Replication Stress
  • Optimizing CRISPR tools for use in mycobacteria
  • Engineering CFTR for single-molecule analysis of folding
  • Investigating the Mechanisms Underlying Feather-follicle Formation Variation Among Avian Species
  • CPT1 Blockade During Fasting Precipitates Rapid Onset Torpor
  • Developing a Pipeline to Call and Identify Variants in Clustered Single Cells
  • Single Cell Sequencing Uncovers Expression Pattern of a Novel Brain-and Ovary-Specific GPCR in Aedes aegypti
  • The Role of Cell Death in Yellow Fever Virus 17D Attenuation
  • Visualizing Ligandable Cysteines in T Cell Exhaustion
  • Compositionality in drawing behavior in monkeys
  • Ceramide Metabolism is Essential for Pancreatic Tumor Growth
  • Gone with the Wind: How Fruit Flies Remember Wind Directions

Important Dates:

February 1, 2023
All applicants must apply online.

The online application for summer 2023 is now closed. The application for summer 2024 will become available in fall 2023. 

mid-March 2023

June 5 to August 11, 2023


Office of Graduate Studies
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue, Box 177
New York, NY 10065