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Education and Training

Education & Training at The Rockefeller University

Graduate Program in Bioscience

Rockefeller's highly flexible graduate training program is designed to educate and inspire tomorrow's scientific leaders. The university's laboratories are at the center of the student experience.

Why Rockefeller?

Rockefeller’s philosophy of investing in brilliant, innovative individuals extends to its students and postdocs, who collaborate as equals with their mentors and receive the scientific foundation they need to succeed in academia, in industry, and as policy makers. Our programs offer:

Flexibility and independence
Supportive mentorship from scientific leaders
Resources and technology to explore

Sid Strickland

Sid Strickland


The priority here is accomplishment. Any peripheral concerns are taken care of.

Research at The Rockefeller University

Centered around 72 cutting-edge laboratories working in a broad range of fields, The Rockefeller University fosters a collaborative research environment for its faculty. Our commitment to funding high-risk, high-reward science gives scientists freedom to pursue projects that might never occur elsewhere.


Marianna Agudelo


Rockefeller labs don’t straddle the boundaries between fields. They dive into those spaces headfirst.


A clearinghouse of opportunities, as well as a resource for one-on-one counseling, Rockefeller’s Office of Career and Professional Development is a springboard to a rewarding career in science. From traditional academic appointments to jobs in biotech, pharma, business, and policy, Rockefeller students thrive professionally.


Stefano Di Talia


At Rockefeller, I was encouraged to be bold, to venture into unknown territories, to just go for it.

Science Outreach Program

RockEDU Science Outreach

Our RockEDU Science Outreach programs engage students with hands-on, mentored scientific experience and provide educators with the tools they need to instill a lifelong love of scientific exploration in their students.