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Phase III+: The University is open for expanded research operations; only authorized personnel will be admitted on campus. More info here.

On-Campus Events: Updated July 28, 2021

Attendance at RU events by non-RU personnel is covered by the current Visitor Policy.

Events that are not mission-critical are canceled until further notice. These include the Tri-I Noon Recitals and the Peggy Rockefeller Concerts, Vendor Equipment Demonstrations, Symposiums and Vendor Trade Shows.

Other events and internal “gatherings” (e.g., lectures, symposia) will take place remotely or have been postponed. Requests for an exception in order to hold an in person event during Phase III+ must be approved in advance and must support mission critical activities. If you seek an exception, please inform us immediately via email to

Groups of fully vaccinated people are permitted to have in-person meetings: they are required to wear face masks. If unvaccinated people need to participate in these meetings, a Zoom portal must be set up so that they can join these meetings virtually.

Guidelines for maximum occupancy and maximum duration of in person meetings that include unvaccinated people and cannot be held virtually are available online. Reservation requests can be placed via the University Calendar of Events scheduler; reservations will not be confirmed until approved by the RRC.

For in person meetings of fully vaccinated people, the maximum number of fully vaccinated attendees may not exceed the seated capacity of the room as designed, i.e., no standing attendees and no additional or transient seats added to room. We encourage use of venues that have a maximum seated capacity that exceeds the anticipated number of attendees. Reservation requests can be placed via the University Calendar of Events scheduler. Separate approval by the RRC is not required if all attendees are confirmed to be fully vaccinated.

Instructional Meetings

All meetings, seminars and courses attended by members of the on-campus community will be held remotely during Phase III+ unless specifically approved by the RRC.

Guidelines for training/mentoring activities are available online.