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On-Campus Events: Updated February 3, 2022

Attendance at RU events by non-RU personnel is covered by the current Visitor Policy.

Events that are not mission-critical are canceled until further notice. These include the Tri-I Noon Recitals, Vendor Equipment Demonstrations, Symposiums and Vendor Trade Shows. Requests for an exception in order to hold an in person non-mission-critical event during Phase III+ must be approved in advance. Requests for exceptions should be sent to

Events and internal “gatherings” (e.g., lectures, symposia, seminars and courses) involving RU personnel and authorized guests are allowed. Organizers are strongly encouraged to provide virtual attendance options. Requests for campus access for external attendees should be submitted using the campus access on-line form. Note that requests do not need to be submitted for employees of WCM, MSK, HSS or NYPH because they can access campus by showing their institutional ID at the 66th Street Gate.

For in person meetings, the maximum number of attendees may not exceed the seated capacity of the room as designed, i.e., no standing attendees and no additional or transient seats added to room. Reservation requests can be placed via the University Calendar of Events scheduler.