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Emergency notification: University closure in effect. New procedures for accessing campus have been implemented. Read the latest.

On-Campus Events

Attendance at RU events by non-RU personnel is covered by the current Visitor Policy.

Events that are not mission-critical are canceled until further notice. These include the Tri-I Noon Recitals and the Peggy Rockefeller Concerts.

Effective immediately, any in-person event with more than 100 attendees that will take place between now and April 30, 2020, on campus, must be postponed, canceled or “virtualized.” If the event is occurring prior to April 30th, non-RU attendees and non-RU presenters must participate remotely.

This new policy does not apply to internal gatherings (e.g., lectures, symposia) attended solely by members of the RU on-campus community. For now, the Monday and Friday Lecture Series will proceed as scheduled.

Exceptions may be made for imminently scheduled events under extenuating circumstances. If you seek an exception, please inform us immediately via email to

We chose 100 people as a threshold to help reduce the risk of transmission without halting all activity on campus. Group size is only one factor to consider in planning an event. Our success in managing the risk of COVID-19 depends not only on the existence of these policies, but on your cooperation and common sense.

As you plan events with fewer than 100 attendees, please consider these factors:

  1. Practice “Social distancing.” Minimize close contact of attendees and opportunities to spread infections by having significant space between participants seated at meetings. Receptions and communal food are now banned for events. Hand shaking and other physical contact is strongly discouraged. Allowing people to participate remotely is encouraged.
  2. The current Visitor Policy requires that visitors from countries that the CDC finds have “widespread sustained (ongoing) transmission” of COVID-19 or visitors coming from areas of high concern within the US cannot come on campus until they have successfully completed 14 days of self-quarantine. In addition, potential attendees should be told not to come to campus if they are ill or experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 regardless of where they are traveling from.
  3. Given the changeability of travel restrictions, international visitors may face difficulties coming from or returning to their home countries and should take this under consideration.
  4. Evidence to date suggests that COVID-19 hits certain vulnerable populations harder, including older individuals. Whatever the size of your event, consider postponing it if many attendees will be over the age of 65.
  5. Be advised that support from RU Custodial Services and/or RU Audio/Visual staff may be limited due to new demands the University response to COVID-19 is placing on these and other RU support and service staff.
  6. Receptions and other ancillary gatherings, including those related to other events, are banned.

For all events of every size:

  • Encourage handwashing and discourage handshaking.
  • Make it easy for attendees to practice good health hygiene: provide hand sanitizer and tissues, and do not provide communal food.
  • Educate your attendees about proper precautions.
  • Urge anyone who feels unwell to stay home and to participate online if possible.
  • You should arrange for enhanced cleaning of the site, before and after the event. Please note that RU Custodial staff are being increasingly called upon for increased and broader cleaning activities throughout campus, so support may be limited or not available for your event.

Instructional Meetings

All meetings, seminars and courses attended by members of the on-campus community will continue to be held as usual.

However, please stay home if you feel sick, and urge others to do so. Encourage handwashing, provide hand sanitizer and tissues, minimize communal food, and educate your students and colleagues about proper precautions.

For large classes, consider offering a way to attend on-line or arranging other accommodations.