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Phase III+: The University is open for expanded research operations; only authorized personnel will be admitted on campus. More info here.

Updates on COVID-19

Updated: November 19, 2021 at 2:11 p.m.

The University has been in Phase III+ since September 28th, 2020. Phase III+ operations continue to have the goal of minimizing risk to the safety and health of all personnel and likelihood of community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 on campus, while allowing up to 100% occupancy levels on campus.

Access to campus continues to be restricted to authorized University personnel. Rockefeller IDs must be used to enter (and re-enter) campus and must be displayed while on campus. Access for third-party service/support personnel and/or external collaborators must be for business purposes only and arranged and approved in advance of their arrival.

Face covering, social distancing and hand hygiene practices are in effect for all RU/HHMI employees and students and for guests/visitors.

For fully vaccinated RU/HHMI employees and students, defined as at least two weeks beyond the final dose of vaccine (after the second Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and after the first Johnson&Johnson vaccine):

    • Wearing face masks inside is mandatory. Please see the policy for details and exceptions. Face covering is optional outside. We expect and respect that some fully vaccinated members of our community will elect to continue to wear masks and stress that not wearing masks outside is optional, not mandated, for fully vaccinated people.
  • Employees and students are required to complete the RUHealthy self-assessment prior to coming to campus any/each day they come to campus, and to follow any instructions from OHS.
  • Employees and students who conduct work activities on campus at any time are required to participate in weekly COVID testing under the RUStrong program or to provide written documentation of pRT-PCR molecular assay-based testing conducted by a third-party company.

The Rockefeller response team meets regularly to evaluate conditions and make decisions that are informed by guidance from city, state and national agencies in addition to input from key University stakeholders.

Please see the Phase II and Phase III Restart and Guidance website (VPN required) for further information about Phase II and Phase III.

If you have questions about the University’s preparedness and response activities, please send an email to

Archive of University Communications on COVID-19

Rockefeller University Hospital FAQs




Employees who report to University facilities to conduct work activities during Phase III operations are required to complete and submit a health self-assessment checklist before each work shift. Employees working remotely are encouraged but are not required to complete the checklist before starting their remote work shifts. Please click on the button below to complete the checklist.

RU Healthy

Employees who report to the University campus to conduct work activities during Phase III+ operations are required to submit a sample for testing through RUStrong (or provide a receipt confirming testing at a third-party COVID-19 testing facility) at least once a week. For those who report to campus to conduct work activities only once a week or less frequently are required to submit a sample for testing through RUStrong or provide a testing receipt on the days they report to campus

RU Strong

Occupational Health Services