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Oral History Project

While their research speaks for itself, The Rockefeller University Oral History Project puts the scientists themselves on the historical record. In this interview series, Rockefeller scientists reflect on their careers, collaborations, frustrations, and discoveries, capturing the stories of the people behind the science.

Günter Blobel

Interview excerpt with Günter Blobel

After 50 years at Rockefeller, Günter Blobel speaks about the university’s importance to him and his role in forging a molecular approach to cell biology.

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Paul Greengard

Interview excerpt with Paul Greengard

In this interview, Paul Greengard tells the story of winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 2000 and the story of founding the Pearl Meister Greengard Prize in honor of his mother, who died giving birth to him.

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Torsten Wiesel

Interview excerpt with Torsten Wiesel

An international leader in science advocacy, Torsten Wiesel talks about growing up on the grounds of a mental hospital outside of Stockholm, and the effect that the patients all had on shaping his worldview and values.

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