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Strain Recovery

Transgenic and Reproductive Technology Center provides services of retrieving mouse lines from:

  1. Fresh embryos (Transfer to surrogate mothers)
  2. Frozen embryos (Transfer to surrogate mothers)
  3. Frozen sperm (IVF, ICSI)
  4. We also offer rescue of the lines with only old, non-breeding male/males left (ICSI)

Shipment of fresh or frozen embryos rather than live mice allows investigator to avoid lengthy and costly quarantine stay.

Live embryos could be shipped via overnight FedEx in the tightly closed Nunc 2 ml cryovials filled to the brim with Embryo Culture media such as M2 or FHM.
The exact date of delivery should be negotiated with the Transgenic and Reproductive Technology Center at least 1 week in advance.
Health status of the facility that housed the animals should be reported prior to embryos shipment.
Procedure of recovery of the live/frozen embryos is equal to the rederivation procedure.
Live pups are ready to be housed in your room after Serologic Profile of their mothers on Mouse Extended Panel (16 agents) reported to be negative.

Frozen embryos in vials or in straws could be shipped to Transgenic and Reproductive Technology Center in the nitrogen dry shipper. If laboratory that promised to send you frozen embryos doesn’t have a nitrogen dry shipper, you can borrow one from Transgenic and Reproductive Technology Center.
Either FedEx or Word Carrier will carry nitrogen dry shipper.
Frozen embryos will be thawed according to the specific thawing protocol, which MUST be provided by the sending party. It is investigator’s responsibility to request the protocol.
After thawing embryos will be either cultured overnight or transferred the same day into the surrogate mothers. Negative Serologic Profile of the surrogate mothers allows cages with 3 weeks old pups to be transferred into your room.
Frozen Sperm shipment is done according to the same procedure. Thawing protocol MUST be provided. Frozen sperm is delivered in either vials or straws in nitrogen dry shipper to Transgenic and Reproductive Technology Center. Depending on the quality and quantity of the sperm either In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is performed.
Line recovery from the sperm obtained from old males will be done only via ICSI

Please contact Manager of Transgenic and Reproductive Technology Center Rada Norinsky
x7783 or to discuss details of your request and fill in an appropriate form.

Strain Recovery from Sperm Form

Strain Recovery from Live/Frozen Embryos Form


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