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The Transgenic Services Laboratory provides a transgenic animal resource center for the university community. The rapid evolution of applied molecular genetics and the concurrent development of hundreds of transgenic animal models have opened exciting new opportunities in biomedical research. In order to anticipate the increasing and ever-changing needs of the scientific community in this field, the Transgenic Services Laboratory is committed to providing those services and resources necessary to adequately respond to the development of new research methodologies. Additionally, the laboratory will serve as a core facility to the university for the creation and maintenance of all transgenic animal models, the refinement and development of new transgenic techniques, as well as a training center for research personnel.

The Transgenic Services Laboratory provides Rockefeller University scientific community with four basic services. For information on the services offered by the Transgenic Services Laboratory, see the appropriate links in the navigation bar.


Comparative Bioscience Center, Box 2
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue
New York, NY 10065