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RockEDU Presents:

RockEDU’s Science Cafe Series for High School Students

RockEDU Presents: is a science cafe series including short talks by scientists, geared to a high school audience, followed by an opportunity to network with scientists and likeminded students.

rockedu presents why nyc works

Have you ever wondered where your water comes from? Or how you can light a room with the flick of a switch? Civil Engineering links every part of our world and is one of the oldest branches of engineering, dating back to when people first merged into permanent settlements. It can give you a roadmap to understanding our built environment, consisting of buildings, bridges, roads, subway systems, sewer and water tunnels, among other things.

Madeline Skoblik will join us from New York City Department of Design and Construction. In her talk she will share her experience working on infrastructure projects throughout all of the 5 Boroughs of New York.

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All events will be on facebook live and archived to youtube.

Mark your calendar for the third Friday of every month!

The RockEDU Presents: series will be on a regular monthly schedule for all of the 2017-2018 school year.


Previous speakers:


  • Dr. Patricia Brennan Mount Holyoke College, Diane Kelly UMass Amherst                                                       Carnal Knowledge: What Genitalia Teach Us About Evolution
  • WISeR (Women in Science at Rockefeller) panel                                                                                                At the Risk of Failing: #FailMore
  • Dr. Mark Stoeckle Senior Research Associate in the Program for Human Environment                       Fishing for DNA: Tracking fish, dolphins, and sharks with crime-scene technology
  • Devon Collins Rockefeller University Graduate Student

      Drugs and the Brain: The Neuroscience of Addiction

  • Dr. Priya Rajasethupathy, Rockefeller University Assistant Professor and head of the Laboratory of Neural Dynamics and Cognition

      Where Did the Memory Go?

  • Dr. Mande Holford, Hunter College professor studying venomous snails as a live recording of the Science Soapbox podcast

      Science Soapbox Presents: On Venomous Snails and Science Diplomacy

  • Dr. Kip Bitok, post doc in the Brady lab

Drugs from Dirt

  • Dr. Benjamin Wolfe and Elizabeth Landis,Tufts University Professor and Graduate Student & lovers of the microbes in your food

Microbial Engineers: The Science of Fermented Foods

  • Dr. Maryam ZaringhalamKate BredbennerMeghan Aileen Lockard, and Dr. Aniek Ivens, graduate students and post docs at the Rockefeller University and members of WISeR

Finding Success in Failure #FailBetter

GoViral: Mapping the Spread of Viruses in the Community!

  • Dr. Aniek Ivens, ant enthusiast, former post doc in the Kronauer lab, currently working at VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Ants and Aphids: Best Friends Forever?

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