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Fall 2019 Faculty Open Search

The deadline for the Fall 2019 Faculty Open Search has now passed and applications are no longer being accepted.

Apply for a tenure-track faculty position at The Rockefeller University

We are dedicated to recruiting the most brilliant biomedical research scientists, allowing them to choose their scientific pursuits, providing them with comprehensive support, and surrounding them with collaborative and energetic colleagues who are leaders in their fields. We conduct open searches across all fields of biomedical and clinical research.

Our structure
Our institution is small, dynamic, and designed to support and stimulate science, with an administration and staff entirely committed to meeting the needs of our scientists and eliminating distractions from their research. There are no mandatory teaching or administrative responsibilities, and no departments or hierarchical restrictions.

Our culture
Our commitment to excellence gives Rockefeller scientists a significant advantage as they work across disciplines and share knowledge, driving one another to pursue big ideas and achieve transformational discoveries. This strong support fosters a culture with an extremely dedicated and satisfied faculty, many of whom have long associations with the university.

Our community
We place a high emphasis on quality of life for our scientists, enabling them to focus deeply on their research by providing childcare, mortgage and housing support, health and wellness services, and other resources to help navigate the many layers of an academic life.

Erich Jarvis in lab with students

Science at Rockefeller

Rockefeller faculty receive a generous start-up package including unrestricted research funding and ongoing laboratory support. Heads of labs benefit from access to high-quality, subsidized research core services, and from a highly collaborative culture. Our outstanding graduate students are fully supported by the University; a high percentage of these students work and train in the labs of assistant and associate professors.

Although new Rockefeller faculty are given tremendous independence and flexibility, they also receive mentorship and support from their more senior colleagues. A flexible promotion schedule allows up to 12 years before tenure review, and the tenure clock may be stopped for personal or family reasons.

Encouraging scientific collaboration

Encouraging collaboration

Rockefeller offers ample opportunity for scientists to collaborate across fields of study. Retreats, seminars, symposia, and other events foster an exchange of ideas that often leads to fruitful research partnerships. By uniting scientists and labs with common interests, we encourage research at the interfaces between fields of study, yielding creative approaches to biomedical challenges.

Renovation of Child and Family Center

Generous benefits

Heads of Laboratory receive a comprehensive benefits package, including:

Health benefits
On-campus childcare
Tuition assistance program
Manhattan housing and parking
Mortgage assistance program
Retirement plans

State-of-the-art research space

In the past decade, Rockefeller has invested more than $2 billion in new facilities, scientific equipment, faculty recruitment, and research support. Our River Campus expansion, to be completed in 2019, will add two acres and over 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art lab space to our urban campus.

Amy E. Shyer

Amy E. Shyer, Ph.D.


I’m excited to be at an institution that has a track record for supporting scientists who set their sights on deep and complex problems with broad implications for biology.



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