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Payment information for Licensees

The Rockefeller University’s EIN is 13-1624158. Please contact our office if you need a Form W-9 and/or Form 6166.

Rockefeller’s Wire Transfer Information:

Wires should be sent in US dollars to the following:
ACH or wire transfer:
Account Number: 134756355
Routing Number: 021000021
Swift Code: CHASUS33
General Bank Reference Address: JPMorgan Chase New York, NY 10004

Checks should be made out to The Rockefeller University and sent to:
Office of Technology Transfer
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Ave
Box 138
New York, NY 10065

Please send confirmation of the sent wire directly to and please note that licensees are responsible for ensuring that The Rockefeller University receives the full amount of any royalties or fees due and must cover all charges, taxes, tariffs, etc.

Royalty reports are due for each payment cycle after first offer for commercial sale even if no sales occur. Reports are to state the time period that the report covers; sales on all products offered for sale, including products on which no sales are made; foreign currency conversion rates (if applicable); the royalty rate; and the royalty due to The Rockefeller University.

The Rockefeller University does not permit OTT to register with third parties and we are cannot enroll in a licensee’s preferred third-party service.

Contact Us

Office of Technology Transfer
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue, Box 138
New York, New York 10065