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Postdoctoral Affairs

The university has a strong commitment to the full involvement of postdoctoral trainees in all aspects of the scientific, educational and cultural activities of the community. Each year over 300 postdoctoral trainees are associated with the research of the 70 laboratories, where they are encouraged to continue their scientific training and pursue their research interests. In addition, postdoctoral trainees typically participate in the many seminars and colloquia held at the university and are particularly active in the Rockefeller Research Exchange series. In most instances, candidates for postdoctoral training at the university obtain funds from a private or governmental granting agency. However, the university is responsible for awarding approximately 15 to 20 postdoctoral fellowships annually to young scientists who are in the early stages of their training.

Postdoctoral Classification

Postdoctoral Compensation Guidelines

Postdoctoral Handbook

University-Administered Postdoctoral Awards

Rockefeller Postdoctoral Association

Postdoctoral Alumni Network