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At the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), we are Rockefeller’s learning and change agent — working to promote education, coalition building, community, allyship, and advocacy.

We support a campus community where everyone wants and deserves to feel welcome, included, and valued. We know that continuing to advance scientific breakthroughs depends on our community’s ability to broaden our understanding and perspectives for the betterment of scientific collaboration and results. To that end, we work to recruit and retain a more diverse community, to build institutional DEI capacity, to share equity-related knowledge in the biosciences, and to collectively engage in efforts that will foster a community where everyone can learn more about one another, seek out different points of view, and build the authentic connections that result in brighter thinking and new ideas. It is a journey that, in partnership with our students, postdocs, faculty, and administrators, we pursue to find and promote as many sides of humanity as possible so we can best deliver on Rockefeller’s mission, “Science for the benefit of humanity.”

Headshot of Ashton Murray

A Letter from the CDO

Welcome to the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) at The Rockefeller University. As the inaugural Chief Diversity Officer, it is an honor and privilege to collaborate with a campus community that seeks to build and grow an authentic culture that provides a sense of belonging for all.

Like many other institutions, we are working to change conversations and behaviors as we recognize that to be a more inclusive community, we need to broaden our understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through education, collaboration, and fellowship. We are committed to moving the needle in the right direction to provide a more diverse and inclusive environment that inspires greater thinking in order to advance scientific breakthroughs.

As we navigate this journey, we will assume a listening posture and work to translate conversations into actions so that diversity, equity, and inclusion are woven into the fiber of the world’s leading biomedical research university. At The Rockefeller University, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion benefit our mission to advance the best and brightest scientists the world has to offer.

Ashton Murray, Ph.D.
Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Andrea Morris and students sitting at table having a conversation

DEI at Rockefeller


To foster a community and culture where everyone has a sense of belonging and is able to advance their scientific learning and potential in a space that welcomes diversity and values the richness of various backgrounds, races, cultures, experiences, beliefs, and values


We envision a community of belonging where all people are included, respected, valued, and supported as they pursue scientific discovery.

How we see DEI:

Embracing the richness and value of diversity in all its forms, including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, life experiences, and beliefs is what inspires greater thinking and advancements in science.

Creating and implementing policies and procedures across our scientific community that place equity at its core provides for equal and fair access to resources and opportunities for all.

Nurturing an inclusive culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging and is given the opportunity to participate, contribute, and excel without the barrier of discrimination and intolerance is key to advancing the best and brightest scientists the world has to offer.

Erich Jarvis speaking to a student in his lab.

Our DEI Values

To embrace and honor a diversity of lived experiences, it is critical that we all listen with an open mind. We do this in order to translate those conversations into collective actions that lead to outcomes built on the core of our longstanding mission, which is to benefit humanity. Our understanding of humanity is inclusive of all human beings collectively and includes an orientation toward compassion and generosity. What that will look like are the DEI values that define our Rockefeller community:

Belonging – We believe that to be a part of a community, there must be a sense that you are seen, accepted, and valued; that you have the safety and security to be your authentic self and to know that authenticity is encouraged.

Respect – We believe that all voices have a right to be heard and honored as we collectively work to create spaces of open, transparent, and safe communication and behaviors.

Representation – We believe that advancing science for humanity requires the full inclusion of all people and the richness of such diversity will undoubtedly benefit each of us, the work that we do, and the impact of our findings.

Accountability – We believe that assessing and advancing progress towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community takes responsibility and engagement from all.

Justice – We believe in the concept of moral rightness which calls upon each of us to be just and fair as we treat each other socially, professionally, and academically.