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DNA Sequencing

The university has contracted with GENEWIZ for DNA sequencing services and Gene Synthesis services. For DNA sequencing, researchers complete an online sample submission form, drop the sample off at the on-campus drop box and retrieve their data from GENEWIZ electronically.

GENEWIZ is the only DNA Sequencing company with approval from the university for an on-site drop box. The GENEWIZ drop box is located in the RRB east lobby, in the hallway between the Proteomics Resource Center and the Electron Microscopy Resource Center entrances. GENEWIZ collects samples Monday through Friday; cut off time for collection is 7:00 pm. There is no collection service on Saturdays or Sundays.

Standard turnaround time from samples dropped off by 7:00 pm is 17 hours, with results of samples processed posted by noon the following day (e.g., samples dropped off by 7:00 pm on Tuesday are available by noon on Wednesday and samples dropped off by 7:00 pm on Friday are available by noon on Saturday). Additional information about GENEWIZ is available on-line (

Please contact Chris Keogh of the Purchasing Department at x8199 with any procurement questions. All additional questions should be forwarded to Amy Wilkerson at

High Throughput DNA Sequencing

For information about high throughput DNA sequencing using the Illumina platform, visit the Genomics Resource Center website, or contact Connie Zhao at

For information about the 454 sequencing service, visit the MSKCC Integrated Genomics Operation (IGO) website.



Procurement Questions

Chris Keogh
Director of Materials Management and Chief Procurement Officer
Purchasing Department

All Other Questions

Amy Wilkerson
Associate Vice President
Research Support