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Annual Fund

Annual Fund gifts are enormously helpful to Rockefeller. They enable the University to allocate funds flexibly and with maximum effectiveness as needs and opportunities arise.
Gifts to the Annual Fund:

  • Help Rockefeller fund new avenues of research that open up as a result of groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Enable Rockefeller scientists to pursue promising leads and undertake investigations that are novel and therefore too “risky” to qualify for federal support.
  • Provide “bridge” support for early-career scientists before they have established the type of track record needed to secure funding from the National Institutes of Health and other government agencies.
  • Accelerate the pace at which discoveries made in basic science laboratories can be translated into therapeutics, taking advantage of the unique research facilities of The Rockefeller University Hospital.
  • Help pay for important capital projects and new technology—needs for which outside funding is scarce.
  • Support promising collaborations between researchers approaching scientific questions from different perspectives. Such research often occurs at the interface between scientific disciplines, falling outside the boundaries set by most funding agencies.

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