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Lectures & Interviews

Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Dr. Elaine Fuchs: 2020 Canada Gairdner International Award

JCI’s Conversations with Giants in Medicine: Elaine Fuchs

Elaine Fuchs (Rockefeller, HHMI) 1: Skin Stem Cells: Biology and Promise for Regenerative Medicine

Elaine Fuchs (Rockefeller, HHMI) 2: Tapping the Potential of Adult Skin Stem Cells

Elaine Fuchs (Rockefeller, HHMI) 3: Cancer: Hijacking the Wound Repair Mechanisms Used by Stem Cells

Elaine Fuchs discusses research on skin and adult stem cells

ibioseminar on Embryonic Stem Cells

Vanderbilt University Lecture: Stem Cells and Their Lineages in Skin

Yale University: Skin Stem Cell: Their Biology and Clinical Promise

Carnegie Institution: Stem Cells: Their Biology and Promise for Regenerative Medicine

National Institutes of Health: Carving out a Niche for Stem Cells

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