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Exploring EPV for your institution

The EPV team has worked collaboratively and creatively since May 2020 to develop the tools and infrastructure, demonstrate its feasibility and utility through use cases at the collaborating sites, and now we are disseminating the tools and infrastructure.

Five sites have fielded the RPPS to thousands of research participants and have aggregated their responses to populate the EPV Consortium database! Organizations use local dashboards to identify findings in their data, benchmarking internally and with the Consortium database. After developing and implementing responsive action plans, sites can re-survey to measure the impact of their programs.

EPV RPPS/REDCap infrastructure is made available free of charge to early adopter institutions interested in implementing it to collect participant research experience feedback.

Learn more:

EPV Executive Summary

At-a-Glance Dashboard demo video

Hands on Test Dashboard to get the feel for filtering survey data

EPV Implementation Guide – considerations before adopting and how-to-guide.

Visit the collaborators page to see how sites are presenting EPV to their stakeholders.


Previous versions of RPPS Surveys in REDCap Library


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