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People and Partners

Rhonda G. Kost, MD: Co-Director for Community Engaged Research
Jonathan N. Tobin, PhD: Co-Director for Community Engaged Research and Senior Epidemiologist; President/CEO, Clinical Directors Network
Anuradha Hashemi-Arend, MPH: Community Engagement Specialist

The Action Committee for Community Engaged Research (ACCER), a subcommittee of the Advisory Committee for Clinical and Translational Research (ACCTS) – the RU-CCTS governing body – works strategically to align community priorities with scientific research at Rockefeller University to foster community-engaged research collaborations. ACCER designs capacity-building opportunities for partners inside and outside of the CCTS.

Rhonda G. Kost, MD – ACCER Co-Chair
Jonathan N. Tobin, PhD – President/CEO, Clinical Directors Network; ACCER Co-Chair
Barry Coller, MD – Principal Investigator, RU-CCTS
Peter Holt, MD – Faculty Member, RU-CCTS
Anuradha Hashemi-Arend, MPH – Community Engagement Specialist
Maija Williams, MPH – Administrative Director, RU-CCTS
Dozene Guishard, EdD, CDP – Director, Health & Wellness Initiatives, Carter Burden Network
William (Bill) Pagano MD, MPH – Lutheran Medical Center Medical Director, Emeritus & CDN Board Member, Emeritus

The Center for Clinical and Translational Science (RU-CCTS) builds on Rockefeller University Hospital’s history as the birthplace of American biomedical science and translational research. It is funded in part by an NIH Center for Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA). The Center is designed to provide an optimal infrastructure to conduct clinical and translational research, and to educate the next generation of physician-scientists committed to patient-oriented research.

You can learn more about the RU-CCTS here.

clinical directors network logoClinical Directors Network (CDN) and N2-PBRN has been our strategic partner since the inception of the RU-CCTS. CDN clinicians, researchers, staff, and partners have been critical partners in many CCTS community-engaged research initiatives.
Carter Burden Network

December 2019: Members of the Carter Burden Network /Clinical Directors Network/ Rockefeller University Collaboration during a Chef’s Appreciation Celebration

We are proud and grateful to have worked with community partners in developing, conducting, and disseminating Full Spectrum Translational and Community-Engaged Research projects. Partnerships between communities and academic scientists are critical to our work.

Read more about our projects.

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Contact Information

The RU-CCTS Community and Collaboration Core can assist communities, clinicians, academic researchers, and others interested in cultivating community-engaged research partnerships. For more information, contact our team here.