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Visual Communications Resources

The Rockefeller University has an established visual identity that provides a consistent image and message for both the internal and external print and Web-based materials that are produced by administrative offices and labs. Graphic Standards guidelines, developed as part of the identity, provide basic usage instructions for the logo, tagline, colors and fonts, as well as general design parameters for all printed materials. In addition, there are a series of templates that make it easy to produce letterhead, memos, fax cover sheets, scientific posters and PowerPoint presentations. More recently, detailed Web Graphic Standards guidelines were developed to create visual consistency and a logical and seamless user experience on the Rockefeller Web site.

Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) can serve as a resource to you as you seek to create printed communications materials or Web-based items (Web sites, pages or applications).

For printed materials, the university does not staff traditional print designers, but it does provide print production advice, guidance and management free of charge. The university’s Production Specialist, Kelly McLees of CPA, will help you hire and work with graphic designers, writers, editors, printers and other vendors. She can also format raw copy to create flyers, posters, kiosk signs and event programs. Kelly McLees can be reached at x8969 or at

For web-based projects or digital questions, contact Meghan McCurdy at x7613 or

Requests for existing Rockefeller photos will be directed to Kelly McLees at x8969 or CPA maintains a photography archive and will provide you with existing images if they are suitable for your project. Referrals will be provided for photographer requests not tied to a print job on which CPA/Kelly McLees is working. If photos are needed for a print project on which CPA/Kelly is working, then CPA will contact the photographer to secure services. You will need to determine availability of the subject(s) and notify CPA. CPA will then schedule a time with both the photographer and designer. You will serve as the on-site contact for the shoot, and must be available for the duration of the shoot. All photography taken for print projects managed by CPA is the property of Rockefeller University and will be added to the photography archive.

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