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Useful Websites

Here is a list of websites where you can post reviews of antibodies you have used and find reviews posted by others.  The Monoclonal Antibody Resource Center strongly encourages you to post your own reviews to build these resources for the scientific community allowing others to benefit from your experience as you will hopefully benefit from the reviews of others.

  • For histone modification antibodes go to Antibody Validation Database.  The aim of this site is to collect and to share experimental results on antibodies that would otherwise remain in individual laboratories, thus aiding researchers in selection and validation of antibodies. This site began with 200+ histone antibodies tested as part of the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) and Roadmap Epigenomics projects (non-histone antibodies from the same projects will be added shortly). They invite the scientific community to contribute their data.
  • BenchWise is a Stanford started non-profit online platform for life scientists to share research product reviews. Their aim it to provide the world’s largest collection of peer reviews of life science research products to help scientists find the right tools faster. They are a team of Stanford students and researchers.
  • 1DegreeBio is an open-access platform that enables researchers to source and review reagents, including antibodies, digital tools, equipment and service providers crucial to life science research. The platform contains quality validation data, citation history, as well as user reviews and community ratings.
  • Antibodypedia is a searchable database of antibodies against human proteins developed through collaboration between Antibodypedia AB and the Nature Publishing Group. It aims to provide the research community with information on the effectiveness of specific antibodies in specific applications—to help scientists select the right antibody for the right application. The Antibodypedia database was originally developed within the 6th framework EU program Proteome Binders and the project is part of the Human Antibody InitiativeIndependent researchers can submit their own application-specific experimental data using standard validation criteria (supportive or non-supportive) and comment on specific antibodies without submitting validation data.
  • CiteAb is a citation-ranked antibody search engine, regularly updated with new antibodies and citations. They list almost 1 million antibodies along with publications that cite them.  CiteAb is independent and ranks entirely by citations, nobody can pay to be top ranked.


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