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Frequently Asked Questions


Accounts Payable

How long does it take to process an invoice?(Get a check)
If all information and an authorized signatory have been provided, the check will be issued within 5 working days after it is received in Accounts Payable.

What information is required to pay an invoice or check request?
1. Payment approval by authorized signature is required.
2. All supporting documentation should be provided(i.e.: the front and back of cancelled check, cash and credit card receipts, forms or any other invoices related to expense).
3. A description of the goods or services provided.
5. The University account number(s) to be charged.


Financial Data Systems

How do I get access to the Integrated Administrative System? (IAS)
Complete the “Authorization to Allow On-Line Access to Oracle Accounts” form and forward it to Toby Fishman. Your authorization to use the system will then be completed and forwarded to you.

What do I do? I am unable to log onto (IAS).
Please contact Toby Fishman at (212) 327-8305.


Cash Management and Treasury Services

How can I know whether a wire transfer receipt has been posted?
Wire transfer receipts are posted to (IAS) on a weekly basis. Please contact Yuk Ng at (212) 327-8289 or send email at of pending wire receipts and the account number coding.

Who do I contact to obtain Wire Transfer instructions and guidelines?
All wire transfer requests incoming and outgoing must be coordinated through Yuk Ng. Ms. Ng can be reached at (212) 327-8289 or send email at



Why is my petty cash voucher rejected for reimbursement?
Your petty cash voucher may be returned to you for further documentation if any of the following is missing. A petty cash voucher requires the following:
(1) Signature by an authorized individual of the account to be charged.
(2) Receipt for items exceeding $25.00.
(3) Requests for petty cash in excess of $100.
(4) Description of charges
(5) Discrepancy between the receipts provided and amount requested
(6) Receipts are more than 90 days old

What if I lost the receipt?
In most cases, we may accept a brief description of the charges along with signature from the department head approving that we reimburse without the receipt.

What is the maximum petty cash amount for reimbursement?
For an amount exceeding $ 100.00, it is recommended you request reimbursement by check through the Accounts Payable Department.

Why was I not issued a receipt for paying my monthly campus parking due?
Cash payment will always be receipted. If paid by check your cancelled check is your receipt.

Why was my payment not reflected in the statement?
If payment was mailed, the check may still be in transit. You should call the cashier’s office to notify that office of the potential missing check. The cashier will check the system for posted checks and advise you if you need to contact your bank for a stop payment.


Payroll Services

How do I set up Direct Deposit of my paycheck?
The Direct deposit form is available at the Human Resource Department web site or call at (212) 327-8300.Completed Direct Deposit forms should be submitted to the Payroll Department located at: Founder Hall, 2nd Floor.

I didn’t receive my W-2 Form
Please call the Payroll Department at (212) 327-8321 to request a duplicate copy.

I have a question about my individual pension contribution.
Please call the Human Resources Department at (212) 327-8300.

I believe my paycheck is incorrect.
Please contact the Payroll Department at (212) 327-8321.