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Required Materials for Transgenic Mouse Production

The following requirements are designed for the transgenic production by plasmid vector DNA. For transgenic production using BAC vector DNA please contact us for specific instruction. For a persistent quality control of transgenic production all plasmid-based transgenic vector will be gel-purified by the Gene Targeting Resource Center.

The required elements are as follows:

  1. 50 µg of Transgenic Vector DNA
    • 50 µg of transgenic vector DNA (insert plus vector) which has been digested with restriction enzyme(s) to separate the insert from the vector. The DNA can be submitted in RE digestion buffer in a concentration of no less than 250 ng/µl.
  2. Map of Transgenic Vector
  3. Picture of EthBr Gel with Transgenic Vector DNA
    • You need to demonstrate the completion of restriction enzyme digestion. Please also indicate clearly in the picture which DNA fragment should be purified for injection.