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Bicycle Racks


The Rockefeller University is Bike-Friendly

A win-win for you and Mother Nature
Biking to work doesn’t just save you gas and subway fare, it also burns calories and improves your cardiovascular health — just three hours of biking per week can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%. And the planet benefits too, with less traffic congestion and pollution.

Play it safe
Reduce your chances of having an accident: ride in the street (not on the sidewalk), go with traffic and stop at red lights and stop signs. Use bike lanes when possible, wear a helmet and make sure your bike has a bell, a white headlight and a red taillight. Get regular tune-ups — Ciel Bicycle Store, right near campus on E. 65th Street and 1st Avenue, does them for $65.

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks are provided for use by the Rockefeller community in several locations around campus.
If you place your bicycle in a rack, please make sure you use a lock to avoid possible theft.

Bicycle rack locations

  • 66th Street Gate parking lot
  • At the end of the 68th Street parking lot under the tennis court (by the staircase in the back)
  • To the right of the Bronk Laboratory entrance (on the plaza next to the Graduate Students Residence)
  • Behind Bronk Laboratory on the Peggy Rockefeller Plaza (for students only)