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CELEBRATING SCIENCE Virtual Benefit Donors

Honoring  Julian Robertson

The Rockefeller University wishes to thank the following individuals, foundations, and corporations for their generous support of this event. To date, $8 million has been raised for the newly established Julian Robertson Professorship.

VISIONARY ($1,000,000+)

Lee and Elizabeth Ainslie
Chase and Stephanie Coleman
Andreas and Diane Halvorsen
Stephen and Susan Mandel

LAUREATE ($100,000+)

Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson
Scott Bessent and John Freeman
Roberta and Steve Denning
Amy C. Falls and Hartley R. Rogers
Katherine Farley and Jerry I. Speyer
Bill Ford and Marigay McKee
John and Amy Griffin
Michael and Denise Kellen
Tao Li and Cecilia Wang
Elena and Scott Shleifer
Sydney and Stanley Shuman
Jim and Marilyn Simons
Kacie and William Snellings
Sohn Conference Foundation
Lulu and Anthony Wang

LUMINARY ($50,000+)

Debra and Leon Black
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lockwood Chilton Jr.
Philippe and Ana Laffont
Pablo and Almudena Legorreta
John Shapiro and Shonni Silverberg

BENEFACTOR ($25,000+)

Bill Ackman and Neri Oxman
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Carson
Daniella and Greg Coules
Caroline Curry and Rob Davis
Ravenel B. Curry III
James G. Dinan and Elizabeth R. Miller
Mike and Beth Fascitelli
Jeff Gates and Mike Moran
Peter T. and Laura M. Grauer
Sloan and David Greenspan
Marlene Hess and James D. Zirin
Kimberly Kravis and Jonathan Schulhof
Evelyn G. Lipper, M.D.
Carter and Tania Neild
Jonathan and Maya Nelson
Robin Chemers Neustein
Michael and Vikki Price
David Sze and Kathleen Donohue
Sandra and Anthony Tamer

PATRON ($10,000+)

Ilana and David Adelman
Allen Adler and Frances Beatty
Holly S. Andersen, M.D. and Douglas A. Hirsch
Rebecca and Darren Anikstein
Barbara and Rodgin Cohen
Ron Daniel and Lise Scott
Alexander and Jasmina Denner
Blair Pillsbury Enders and Jack Enders
Jane and Michael Hoffman
Sandra Horbach and Steven Skoler
Lauren and Bill Huyett
Karen and Paul Levy
Surya and Valli Mohapatra
Mike and Trina Overlock
Marnie S. Pillsbury

SPONSOR ($5,000+)

Laura Louise Breyer
Bridget and Mark Colman
Dimitrios and Irene Drivas
Lauren and Brian Frank
Chern-Sing Goh, Ph.D. and Jure Skarabot, Ph.D.
Joseph L. Goldstein, M.D.
Agnes Gund
Jane and Gerald Katcher
Drs. Sarah and Martin Leibowitz
Mr. Andrew Lipsky and Ms. Holly Kelly
Jim and Jenny Matthews
Roger and Elena Matthews
Pam and Bill Michaelcheck
Grace Offutt and Ted Polubinski
Steven and Jennifer Pinkos
Rob Pitts
Loli and Simon Roosevelt
Josh Sandbulte and Tracey Strauss
Carter and Talbott Simonds
Blanche Williamson
Nanar and Tony Yoseloff

ADVOCATE ($2,000+)

Lynn and Mark Filipski
Sarah and Elie Hirschfeld
Kamila and Munib Islam
Hon. and Mrs. Henry A. Kissinger
Anita and Byron Wien

PARTNER ($1,000+)

Catherine Callagy
Payson Coleman
Drs. Bobbi and Barry Coller
Rosalind Crystal
Rachel Erickson Hee
James N. Hauslein
Kathy and Kris Heinzelman
Kristin Hohmann
Peter M. Lehrer
Josie Patton
Wyndham Robertson
Caroline Williamson

FRIEND ($500+)

Mary Armstrong
Margaret Bearn
Lauren and Noah Breslow
Ann and Tom Charters
Beth and Stephen Dannhauser
Marc and Karen de Saint Phalle
Richard and Susan Furlaud
Karen and Peter Jakes
Serdar Kalaycioglu
Margaret Moloney
Alan Quasha and Ilona Nemeth
Beth and Julian Williamson
Suzanne Wolden, M.D.