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Vertebrate Genome Laboratory

The Vertebrate Genomes Laboratory (VGL), directed by Dr. Olivier Fedrigo, serves as a central laboratory for the VGP.

Olivier Federigo

Olivier Fedrigo, Director

Erich Jarvis

Erich Jarvis, Chairperson

The G10K consortium, an international consortium of tissue curators, biologists, conservationists, genome scientists, computer scientists, outreach educators, and more leads the VGP. Dr. Erich Jarvis is the current chairperson of the G10K consortium. The G10K leadership and community of scientists built an infrastructure from sample collection to genome sequencing, assembly, annotation, alignments, public data releases, and analyses for publications. In addition to the VGL, the genome sequencing hubs also include the Sanger Institute in the UK and the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany.
Lab members at Rockefeller University
The lab in Dresden, Germany


Upcoming Events

Plant and Animal Genome Conference
January 13-17, 2018
San Diego, CA

G10K Annual Meeting
September 12-14, 2018
Manhattan, NY

Join and Give to the Vertebrate Genomes Laboratory

There are many ways to help support this project! You can help support this work by providing a financial gift that will be used towards mapping the genomes of these species.

Other ideas? We love ideas! Please direct all inquires below.