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Lab Members

Adi, Alana
Kow, Lee-Ming
Senior Research Associate
Lee-Ming Kow, Ph.D., a CalTech educated biophysicist, he has published more than 100 papers. His work on rapid membrane-initiated hormone actions complements classical treatments of hormone receptors as ligand-activated transcription factors.
Magarinos, Ana Maria
Senior Research Associate
Ana Maria Magarinos, Ph.D., a biochemist educated at the University of Buenos Aires, her work on stress effects in the CNS includes highly cited papers. She is working on expression of delayed rectifier potassium channels in giant reticular neurons, channels essential for supporting the physiologically important high frequency action potential trains in these neurons.
Pfaff, Donald
Head of Laboratory
Donald Pfaff, Ph.D., is interested in the use of current neuroscientific knowledge to understand problems of human behavior.
Yuabov, Michelle
Michelle Yuabov, an undergraduate honors student (Hunter) working with Dr. Kandel.

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Laboratory of Neurobiology and Behavior
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Donald Pfaff, Ph.D.