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Lab Members

Altman, Jason
Jason Altman, a student working with Dr. Hagar Kandel.
Bubnys, Adele
Graduate Fellow
Adele Bubnys, Graduate Fellow, working on analyses of giant medullary reticular neurons in vitro, in silico, and in vivo. Came up with the equation precisely describing the elevation of arousal / activation of behavior when the lights switch from light to dark in our Generalized CNS Arousal assay.
Forgacs, Peter
Guest Investigator
Peter Forgas, M.D., a neurologist at Cornell working with Dr. Schiff, with special emphasis on EEG analyses and sleep neurophysiology.
Kandel, Hagar
Hagar Kandel, M.D., a psychiatrist educated in Egypt, she specializes in nerve cell culture techniques and in the Generalized CNS Arousal assay for precise quantitative tracking of transitions of arousal state according to the circadian light cycle.
Kow, Lee-Ming
Senior Research Associate
Lee-Ming Kow, Ph.D., a CalTech educated biophysicist, he has published more than 100 papers. His work on rapid membrane-initiated hormone actions complements classical treatments of hormone receptors as ligand-activated transcription factors.
Liu, Xiaoshan
Visiting Associate Professor
Xiaoshan Liu, Ph.D., an associate professor at Guangdong Medical University (where DP is an Academician), concentrating on effects of neurological toxins during brain development with an emphasis on endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
Magarinos, Ana Maria
Senior Research Associate
Ana Maria Magarinos, Ph.D., a biochemist educated at the University of Buenos Aires, her work on stress effects in the CNS includes highly cited papers. She is working on expression of delayed rectifier potassium channels in giant reticular neurons, channels essential for supporting the physiologically important high frequency action potential trains in these neurons.
Pfaff, Donald
Head of Laboratory
Donald Pfaff, Ph.D., is interested in the use of current neuroscientific knowledge to understand problems of human behavior.
Schiff, Nicholas
Guest Investigator
Nicholas Schiff, M.D., a professor of Neurology at Cornell Medical School, he is well-known for approaches to bringing brain damaged patients from a vegetative state to functional consciousness.
Tabansky, Inna
Research Associate
Inna Tabansky, Ph.D., a developmental molecular neurobiologist and stem cell biologist, her Harvard Ph.D. led to a Current Biology paper (100 citations). Here she has determined the transcriptomes of an interesting subset of giant reticular neurons (PNAS, 2017) and is working on deriving NGC neurons from mouse embryonic stem cells.
Yuabov, Michelle
Michelle Yuabov, an undergraduate honors student (Hunter) working with Dr. Kandel.

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