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September, 1-30, 2017

Simple strategy could lead to a “universal” flu vaccine

It’s that time of year again: Temperatures drop, sleeves go up, and the needles come out. If scientists at The Rockefeller University have their way, however, the annual ritual of the flu shot could become obsolete. A team based in Jeffrey V. Ravetch’s lab has devised a strategy for improving…...

Infectious diseases pioneer and Rockefeller Professor Emeritus John Zabriskie dies at 88

John B. Zabriskie, an emeritus faculty member at The Rockefeller University, died August 17 at the age of 88. Zabriskie was a leader in the investigation of streptococcal infections and their long-term side effects, including rheumatic fever and autoimmune disorders. His work also made major contributions to understanding the link…...

In brief: Alternative CRISPR system is less specific, more robust

The genetic tool adept at line-by-line gene editing, CRISPR, has revolutionized the ability of scientists to manipulate genes for experimental, and perhaps someday therapeutic, purposes. But it comes in several varieties. The most commonly used, CRISPR-Cas9, only one of many CRISPR systems that, in nature, help bacteria defend themselves against…...