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Nadya Dimitrova, a 2009 Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. One of 13 awardees, Ms. Dimitrova was chosen for her work on repair mechanisms of double-strand breaks. The award offers an honorarium to advanced graduate students for the quality, originality and significance of their thesis research. Ms. Dimitrova, who is a graduate student in Titia de Lange’s Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics, will participate in a scientific symposium at the Hutchinson Center in Seattle on May 1.

Elaine Fuchs, a MERIT (Method to Extend Research in Time) Award from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, of the National Institutes of Health, for an ongoing project on cell adhesion and cytoskeletal dynamics in skin.


Sean F. Brady, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist. Chosen from among more than 2,000 applicants, Dr. Brady is one of 50 researchers named in the inaugural competition. The Early Career Scientist program, launched in 2008, was created to support the work of exceptional researchers who are at the early stage of their careers and thus vulnerable to funding challenges. Dr. Brady, who studies the therapeutic potential of naturally occurring small molecules as head of the Laboratory of Genetically Encoded Small Molecules, will receive a six-year HHMI appointment and full funding, including salary, benefits and a research budget.

Promoted (academic appointments):

Hiroyuki Takai, to research assistant professor, de Lange Lab.

Christine Trumpfheller, to senior research associate, Steinman Lab.


Laurent Abel, visiting professor, Casanova Lab.

Claudio Alarcon, postdoctoral associate, Tavazoie Lab.

Maria Alcaide, visiting student, Nurse Lab.

Sandrine Anne, postdoctoral associate, Hatten Lab.

Jessica Barson, visiting student, Leibowitz Lab.

John Biggins, postdoctoral associate, Brady Lab.

Peter Bredenbeek, visiting associate professor, Rice Lab.

Jamain Bristow, nursing assistant, Hospital Nursing Outpatient.

Katherine Cundey, member of the adjunct faculty, Breslow Lab.

Batya Davidovici, instructor in clinical investigation, Krueger Lab.

Sara Davis, assistant, Casanova Lab.

Brooke Delaney, administrative assistant, Casanova Lab.

Nichole Diaz, research assistant, Allis Lab.

Julien Dumond, foreign research intern, Libchaber Lab.

Denisoon Espinoza, laboratory helper, Fuchs Lab.

Hannah Foote, research assistant, Coller Lab.

Gisa Gerold, postdoctoral fellow, Rice Lab.

Vicki Giuggio, associate editor, JEM, The Rockefeller University Press.

Stefanie Grosswendt, foreign research intern, Tuschl Lab.

Volker Hovestadt, foreign research intern, Tuschl Lab.

Stephan Kutik, postdoctoral associate, Blobel Lab.

Urs Langen, foreign research intern, Nussenzweig Lab.

Yinyin Li, postdoctoral associate, Chait Lab.

Chen Luxenburg, postdoctoral associate, Fuchs Lab.

Parag Mukhopadhyay, postdoctoral associate, Sakmar Lab.

Yelena Nemirovskaya, laboratory administrator, Casanova Lab.

Sarah Puhr, research assistant, Vosshall Lab.

Keith Purpura, member of the adjunct faculty, Sakmar Lab.

Katherine Ross, grants management specialist, Sponsored Research and Program Development.

Arina Samarina, visiting fellow, Casanova Lab.

Timothy Sheahan, postdoctoral associate, Rice Lab.

David Shechter, postdoctoral associate, Allis Lab.

Nicole Steinbach, foreign research intern, Vosshall Lab.

Heiko Stemmann, postdoctoral associate, Freiwald Lab.

Hien Tran, postdoctoral fellow, Tavazoie Lab.

Marieke van de Belt, foreign research intern, Rice Lab.

Qiufan Wang, postdoctoral associate, Krueger Lab.

Zhigang Yi, postdoctoral associate, Rice Lab.

Qixiang Zhang, research assistant, Brivanlou Lab.

Xiaozhu Zhang, animal technician, Greengard Lab.

This publication lists new hires, awards and promotions. Staff promotions are listed yearly; academic promotions and appointments are listed monthly.