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Yvena Bouillon, the assistant director of e-procurement and inventory control, has died

Yvena (Yve) Bouillon, assistant director of e-procurement and inventory control at The Rockefeller University, died on October 30 at the age of 64. She was known by her colleagues for both her committed professionalism and her generous spirit.

A native of Haiti and a longtime Queens resident, Bouillon received her bachelor’s degree from York College before joining Rockefeller in 1983. She first worked in the university Purchasing Office, then shifted to the Stockroom and Inventory Control Office, which she managed to great effect as assistant director of e-procurement for more than 20 years.

In this most recent role, she oversaw the procurement process, worked closely with an array of vendors, and kept a sharp eye on compliance with federal regulations on scientific grants—essential first steps for equipping Rockefeller’s scientists with the elements they need to conduct research. To do so, she collaborated closely with departments across the university, including the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration, Financial Administration, and Information Technology. Without Bouillon’s mastery of the supply sourcing system, scientific research simply couldn’t take place.

Deft, approachable, and congenial, Bouillon took people and their needs very seriously, and both her staff and colleagues knew they could rely on her willingness to help as much as they could her skillful leadership. But she also thought one shouldn’t take oneself too seriously: With a charm and charisma that lit up the room, Bouillon believed that humor was a great part of life, says Christopher Keogh, director of materials management and chief procurement officer.

“She had an open-door policy with her staff, and she always made herself available to discuss any issues or problems they might have,” he says. “But she also had an open-heart policy with everyone. Her modus operandi was, ‘We’re all in this together, so we treat each other with respect and dignity—and let’s make a good dose of humor a part of the process.’ She was very funny.”

Bouillon was a great supporter of charitable activities, including helping her fellow Haitians immigrate to the United States. She is survived by her brothers Jean Claude Edouard and Erole Edouard.

Her colleagues held a memorial service for her in the Abby Aldrich Dining Room on December 7.