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Titia de Lange, the 2013 Jill Rose award from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in recognition of her fundamental contributions to research on telomeres and their relationship to aging and cancer. The award was presented at the foundation’s annual symposium and awards luncheon in New York in October. Dr. de Lange is Leon Hess Professor and head of the Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics.

Jonathan Fisher, the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists, which is given to researchers under the age of 42 who demonstrate impactful accomplishments in the life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and engineering. Dr. Fisher was one of two postdoctoral winners of this year’s prize, which is given to faculty and postdocs in the tri-state area, and comes with a $30,000 prize for postdocs. Dr. Fisher, a postdoctoral fellow in James Hudspeth’s Laboratory of Sensory Neuroscience, studies the biophysics and neurophysiology of the auditory system, and is interested in the development of new neuroimaging techniques in biomedical optics and auditory processing.

Bruce S. McEwen, the 26th Gregory Pincus Memorial Award, from the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, in recognition of his studies on steroid hormone action in the brain, including recent work on the effects of stress, which has led to paradigm shifts in the field. The award is named for the cofounder of the Worcester Foundation and a pioneer in reproductive biology and endocrinology. It was presented in October at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. McEwen is Alfred E. Mirsky Professor and head of the Harold and Margaret Milliken Hatch Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology.

Paul Nurse, the Albert Einstein World Award of Science, from the World Cultural Council, for his long-term work as a scientific leader committed to excellence in learning, research, health and education. The award includes a $10,000 prize, and was presented in October at the organization’s 30th award ceremony at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Dr. Nurse is president emeritus and head of the Laboratory of Yeast Genetics and Cell Biology.

Charles M. Rice
, the 2014 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award from the American Liver Foundation, which recognizes scientists that have contributed significantly to liver research during their careers. Dr. Rice investigates mechanisms of hepatitis C virus infection and replication. The award was presented at the foundation’s awards ceremony in Washington, DC, in November. Dr. Rice is Maurice R. and Corinne P. Greenberg Professor in Virology and head of the Laboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease.

Vanessa Ruta
, an NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, which provides nearly $2.5 million over five years to researchers who have exceptionally innovative ideas early in their careers but may lack the preliminary data required for more traditional NIH grants. Dr. Ruta studies neural circuits and how they are modified with learning and experience. She is Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden Assistant Professor and head of the Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Behavior.

Michael W. Young
, the 2013 Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine, in recognition of his work on the molecular biology of circadian rhythms. Dr. Young shares the honor and $1 million prize with two scientists from Brandeis University, Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey C. Hall. Dr. Young is Richard and Jeanne Fisher Professor and head of the Laboratory of Genetics.


Jean-Laurent Casanova, an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the nonprofit medical research organization that gives its members stable financial support in order to move their research in creative new directions. Dr. Casanova researches the genetic basis of pediatric infectious diseases. One of 27 new investigators chosen this year, Dr. Casanova began his appointment in September. Dr. Casanova is senior attending physician at The Rockefeller University Hospital and head of the St. Giles Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases.

Winrich Freiwald
, a Robertson Investigator by the New York Stem Cell Foundation, which provides a grant of $1.5 million over the next five years to expand his Laboratory of Neural Systems. The grants are given to scientists engaged in cutting-edge translational research as they transition from postdoctoral work to the establishment of their own laboratories. Dr. Freiwald, an assistant professor, researches the neural processes that allow the brain to recognize objects and maintain attention.


James E. Darnell Jr., to the American Philosophical Society, an honorary society founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743 that recognizes individuals who have shown extraordinary accomplishments in their fields. Dr. Darnell was elected for his work, spanning more than 50 years, investigating RNA synthesis, processing and transcriptional regulation. Dr. Darnell is Vincent Astor Professor Emeritus.

Jeffrey Friedman
and Marc Tessier-Lavigne, to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, which was founded in 1780 to provide a forum for leaders to work together on behalf of the democratic interests of the nation. Dr. Friedman, Marilyn M. Simpson Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, studies the molecular mechanisms that regulate food intake and body weight. Dr. Tessier-Lavigne, Rockefeller’s president and Carson Family Professor and head of the Laboratory of Brain Development and Repair, investigates nerve circuit formation and regeneration and the mechanisms underlying nerve cell death. The scientists were inducted at a ceremony in October at the Academy’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Edna Acosta, nursing assistant, Hospital Nursing Inpatient.
Carolina Adura Alcaino, research support specialist, High Throughput Screening Resource Center.
Sandra Aedo, postdoctoral associate, Tomasz Lab.
Tani Agarwal, postdoctoral associate, O’Donnell Lab.
Akira Akabayashi, senior research associate, Leibowitz Lab.
Hans Alcindor, human resources assistant, Human Resources.
Jose Aleman, instructor in clinical investigation, Breslow Lab.
Joshua Altschuler, research assistant, Kreek Lab.
Hector Alvarez, teacher, Child and Family Center.
Johana Alvarez, research assistant, Heintz Lab.
Pablo Ariel, research support specialist, Bio-Imaging Resource Center.
Jennifer Ashlock, integrated production specialist, Communications and Public Affairs.
Pinar Ayata, visiting fellow, Heintz Lab.
Aakash Basu, postdoctoral associate, Hudspeth Lab.
William Beazer, campus security officer, Security.
Geoffrey Bennett, research assistant, Tuschl Lab.
Elisa Bergamin, postdoctoral associate, Blobel Lab.
Lynn Biderman, postdoctoral associate, Kapoor Lab.
John Kipchirchir Bitok, visiting fellow, Brady Lab.
John Borghi, science informationist, Library.
Nicole Bowles, postdoctoral associate, McEwen Lab.
Hilary Briggs, laboratory administrator, Kreek Lab.
Kai Cao, visiting student, Chua Lab.
John Carucci, member of the adjunct faculty, Krueger Lab.
Betty Jo Casey, member of the adjunct faculty, McEwen Lab.
Pierre Casimir, visiting student, Casanova Lab.
Spencer Chen, research assistant, Rosenberg Lab.
Maria Fenner, research assistant, Casanova Lab.
Sol Fereres-Rapoport, visiting student, Steller Lab.
Benjamin-Maximillian Fiebiger, postdoctoral associate, Ravetch Lab.
Bianca Field, research assistant, Friedman Lab.
Jennifer Fong, research assistant, Shaham Lab.
Catherine Freije, research assistant, Rosenberg Lab.
Julia Fremerey, visiting student, Tuschl Lab.
Shin-Ichi Fukuoka, visiting professor, McEwen Lab.
Emily Gantman, postdoctoral associate, R. Darnell Lab.
Anna-Maria Georgoudaki, visiting student, Ravetch Lab.
Mohammed Gheith, laboratory helper, Fuchs Lab.
Piya Ghose, postdoctoral associate, Shaham Lab.
Jason Gilpin, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Melissa Giorgio, campus security officer, Security.
Steven Goldman, member of the adjunct faculty, Brivanlou Lab.
Daria Graf Esterhazy von Galantha, postdoctoral fellow, Mucida Lab.
Christopher Green, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Andrew Gregg, visiting student, Tessier-Lavigne Lab.
Eunwoo Ha, analyst, Investments.
Sacha Hacker, animal technician, Fuchs Lab.
Caryn Hale, postdoctoral associate, R. Darnell Lab.
Erin Hand, teacher, Child and Family Center.
Robert Hansen, unit clerk, Hospital Nursing Outpatient.
Maisah Hargett, administrative assistant, E.G.D. Cohen Lab.
Thomas Heineman, visiting medical student, Smogorzewska Lab.
Miriam Herschman, visiting medical student, Krueger Lab.
Nicholas Hertz, postdoctoral associate, Tessier-Lavigne Lab.
Judith Hoagland, nursing assistant, Hospital Nursing Outpatient.
Mayla Hsu, science writer, Rice Lab.
Aniek Ivens, postdoctoral fellow, Kronauer Lab.
Carolyn Jackson, visiting fellow, Casanova Lab.
Agata Jaskulska, foreign research intern, Konarska Lab.
Irene Kalbian, research assistant, Vosshall Lab.
Keith Kallas, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Ibrahim Kass Gergi, visiting student, Friedman Lab.
Thomas Kassel, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Jennifer Kennedy, genetic counselor, Smogorzewska Lab.
Saakshi Khattri, research associate, Krueger Lab.
Murat Kilinc, foreign research intern, Pfaff Lab.
Jaehwan Kim, instructor in clinical investigation, Krueger Lab.
Seung-Nam Kim, postdoctoral fellow, Pfaff Lab.
Christoph Kirst, fellow in physics and biology, Center for Theoretical Studies.
Sebastian Klinge, assistant professor and head of laboratory, Klinge Lab.
Margarete Knudsen, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Jessica Kohn, research assistant, Nottebohm Lab.
Ha Eun Kong, research assistant, Allis Lab.
Cassandra Koole, postdoctoral fellow, Sakmar Lab.
Benjamin Krause, visiting student, Sakmar Lab.
Oleh Krupa, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Alison Lam, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Connie Lee, visiting fellow, Tavazoie Lab.
Avi Levin, instructor in clinical investigation, Steller Lab.
Harry Levy, member of the adjunct faculty, McEwen Lab.
Ang Li, postdoctoral fellow, Fuchs Lab.
Lishi Li, postdoctoral associate, Fuchs Lab.
Yan Li, postdoctoral fellow, Chua Lab.
Yupu Liang, bioinformaticist, Hospital Informatics.
Hye Kyung Lim, visiting student, Casanova Lab.
Irene Lim-Beutel, visiting fellow, Simon Lab.
Atila Lima, research assistant, Fischetti Lab.
Cassie Liu, research assistant, Nussenzweig Lab.
Kai Liu, postdoctoral associate, Steller Lab.
Peng Liu, visiting student, Rice Lab.
Qiang Liu, research associate, Bargmann Lab.
Xuhang Liu, postdoctoral associate, Tavazoie Lab.
Jessica Livoti, teacher, Child and Family Center.
Chao Lu, postdoctoral associate, Allis Lab.
John Maciejowski, postdoctoral associate, de Lange Lab.
Kathryn Macina, research assistant, Tessier-Lavigne Lab.
Debra Mandli, laboratory administrator, R. Darnell Lab.
Karl Mansson, visiting student, Pfaff Lab.
Christina Marney, postdoctoral associate, R. Darnell Lab.
Carol McDonald, laboratory manager, Allis Lab.
David McGee, research assistant, Breslow Lab.
Kelly McGuire, research assistant, Heintz Lab.
Luis Medrano Mendia, porter, Housing Faculty House.
Geneva Miller, research assistant, Hang Lab.
Linda Miller, editor-in-chief, Rockefeller University Press.
Harry Mobley, telecommunications technician, Information Technology.
Joshua Modell, postdoctoral associate, Marraffini Lab.
Danielle Morelli, research assistant, White and Levy Center for Mind Brain and Behavior.
Kari Mosleh, research assistant, Darst Lab.
Diego Mourao-Sa, postdoctoral associate, Tarakhovsky Lab.
Lynda Mules, IRB specialist, Hospital Institutional Review Board.
Paul Muller, visiting student, Mucida Lab.
Jennifer Murphy, visiting fellow, Simon Lab.
Shruti Naik, postdoctoral associate, Fuchs Lab.
Melissa Nashat, postdoctoral associate, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Joyce Ng, grants management specialist, Sponsored Research and Program Development.
Natalie Norstedt, visiting student, Pfaff Lab.
Timothy O’Connor, vice president for university strategy and research operations and chief of  staff, President’s Office.
Katarzyna Ossowska, foreign research intern, Konarska Lab.
Qiang Pan-Hammarstrom, visiting professor, Casanova Lab.
Tanya Panchenko, postdoctoral associate, Allis Lab.
Eunyong Park, postdoctoral fellow, MacKinnon Lab.
Eda-Margaret Paulsen, research assistant, Blobel Lab.
Francesco Piccolo, postdoctoral associate, Heintz Lab.
Matthew Piper, visiting fellow, Vosshall Lab.
Melissa Popowski, postdoctoral fellow, Brivanlou Lab.
Jessica Posada, visiting medical student, Tavazoie Lab.
T. Cricket Powell, administrative assistant, Wiesel Lab.
Maria Pulina, research associate, Greengard Lab.
Sage Rahm, research assistant, Kreek Lab.
Srinivasan Ramakrishnan, postdoctoral associate, Hang Lab.
Mariel Rios, research assistant, McEwen Lab.
Kevin Rogers, HVAC helper, Plant Operations HVAC Shop.
Alberto Roman, helpdesk and computer support specialist, Information Technology.
Stephanie Rose, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Meredith Roy, research assistant, Gilbert Lab.
Mariya Rozenblit, visiting medical student, Krueger Lab.
Juan Ruano Ruiz, visiting fellow, Krueger Lab.
Maximilian Rutyna, administrative assistant, Brivanlou Lab.
Hanna Salm, research assistant, Brivanlou Lab.
Dean Sampson, animal attendant, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Varda Sandweiss, member of the adjunct faculty, Coller Lab.
Markus Sauer, foreign research intern, Tuschl Lab.
Grant Schauer, postdoctoral associate, O’Donnell Lab.
Fabian Scheid, postdoctoral associate, Nussenzweig Lab.
Riyad Seervai, research assistant, Smogorzewska Lab.
Jun Sung Seo, postdoctoral fellow, Chua Lab.
Kunal Shah, instrumentation engineer, Center for Sensory Neuroscience.
Geoffrey Shearer, web communications assistant, Communications and Public Affairs.
Wei Shen, postdoctoral associate, Friedman Lab.
Dan Simon, postdoctoral associate, Rout Lab.
Derek Simon, postdoctoral fellow, Kreek Lab.
Anjana Sinha, senior research associate, Greengard Lab.
Jennifer Smith-Garvin, scientific editor, Rockefeller University Press.
Aleksandra Sobolewska, foreign research intern, Konarska Lab.
Alexey Soshnev, postdoctoral associate, Allis Lab.
Francesca Maria Spagnoli, member of the adjunct faculty, Brivanlou Lab.
Sunandini Sridhar, postdoctoral associate, Smogorzewska Lab.
Catherine Stoeckle, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Kingsley Storer, member of the adjunct faculty, Reeke Lab.
Hai-Xi Sun, postdoctoral fellow, Chua Lab.
Weilin Sun, research associate, Greengard Lab.
Sarah Szwed, research assistant, Nottebohm Lab.
Iris Taylor, administrator, Occupational Health Services.
Marta Valenza, postdoctoral fellow, Kreek Lab.
Timo van Kerkoerle, postdoctoral associate, Gilbert Lab.
Luz Vargas, nursing assistant, Hospital Nursing Inpatient.
Dante Varotsis, research assistant, Greengard Lab.
Amrita Venkateswaran, research assistant, Blobel Lab.
Corstiaen Versteegh, postdoctoral associate, Hudspeth Lab.
Patrik Vieweg, visiting student, Friedman Lab.
Marija Vucelja, fellow in physics and biology, Feigenbaum Lab.
Tyrone Wade, campus security officer, Security.
Shu Wang, research assistant, Fischetti Lab.
Julie White, research associate, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Jing Xiao, research assistant, Rice Lab.
Hui Xu, research specialist, Krueger Lab.
Xiao Xu, postdoctoral associate, Heintz Lab.
Yuya Yamagishi, postdoctoral fellow, Tessier-Lavigne Lab.
Xuehong Yu, postdoctoral associate, Blobel Lab.
Danielle Zelli, research assistant, McEwen Lab.
Yong Zhang, postdoctoral fellow, Fischetti Lab.
Xiaonan Zhao, postdoctoral associate, Hang Lab.

Promoted (academic appointments):

Victor Bustos Mendez, to senior research associate, Greengard Lab.
Thalia Farazi, to assistant professor of clinical investigation, Tuschl Lab.
Qiang Liu, to research assistant professor, Bargmann Lab.
Michelle Lowes, to associate professor of clinical investigation, Krueger Lab.
Eric Schmidt, to research assistant professor, Heintz Lab.
Peter Stavropoulos, to senior research associate, Papavasiliou Lab.
Taia Wang, to instructor in clinical investigation, Ravetch Lab.

Promoted (staff):

Marlon Almonte, to computer support specialist, Information Technology.
Christy Barrow, to development assistant II, Development.
Jeanne Belliveau, to organizational development manager, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Jill Benz, to associate director, academic programs, Office of Academic Affairs.
Dion Brown, to assistant director of budgeting, Finance Accounting Services.
Paula Calle, to laboratory manager, Brady Lab.
Graciela Cardenas-Castro, to senior cellular support specialist, Information Technology.
Emmeline Cardozo, to development officer, Development.
James Carozza, to senior AV support and engineering specialist, Information Technology.
Brianna Caszatt, to assistant production editor, JEM, jgp, Rockefeller University Press.
Sophia Chai, to senior research specialist, Fuchs Lab.
Emily Conrad, to assistant director, Development.
Benjamin DiMatteo, to development assistant II, Development.
Paola Emhardt, to research support assistant, Transgenic Services.
Jeanne Garbarino, to director of science outreach, Dean’s Office.
Jennifer Jackson, to office administrator, Sponsored Research and Program Development.
Fred Kamintzky, to campus security sergeant, Security.
Bernard Langs, to director, Development.
Wei Li, to laboratory manager, Kapoor Lab.
Canhua Luo, to business applications developer, Information Technology.
Inbal Maniv, to laboratory manager, Marraffini Lab.
Eduardo Martinez, to mechanic I, Plant Operations Power House.
Petri Marttinen, to assistant director of grants administration, Finance Accounting Services.
Aldo Mele, to research specialist, R. Darnell Lab.
Javier Ocasio, to mechanic II, Plant Operations Power House.
Daniel Oristian, to senior research specialist, Fuchs Lab.
Paul Parke, to mechanic I, Plant Operations Power House.
Kristine Parks, to CBC group leader, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Michael Phillips, to systems administrator, Information Technology.
Angela Plowden-Wardlaw, to associate director, Development.
Lisa Polak, to laboratory manager, Fuchs Lab.
Katherine Ross, to manager, outreach and training, Sponsored Research and Program Development.
Colleen Smith, to business development specialist, Rockefeller University Press.
Marguerite Spellman, to senior copy editor, Rockefeller University Press.
Emma Stevens, to development assistant II, Development.
Rita Sullivan King, to communications manager, Rockefeller University Press.
Kaye Thomas, to assistant director, Bio-Imaging Resource Center.
Jillian Tintle, to development assistant II, Development.
Steven Tittley, to CBC group leader, Comparative Bioscience Center.
Mary Vasquez, to production specialist, Rockefeller University Press.
Spandana Vootukuri, to laboratory manager, Coller Lab.
Laura Votey, to development officer, Development.
Leah Yanachek, to head teacher, Child and Family Center.
Bevan Yeates, to lead telecommunications technician, Information Technology.