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Rockefeller leads global university ranking in measure of top cited publications

An international ranking of research institutions, U-Multirank, has placed Rockefeller first in the United States among 227 universities as judged by a set of ten performance indicators concerning education, research, technology transfer, and collaboration. Rockefeller also ranked first internationally in a measure of its impact based on citations. This is the sixth consecutive year in which the university has received a top score in the international list, outperforming much larger institutions such as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford.

Rockefeller’s strength in this ranking is driven by its citation metrics: It has the highest percentage of its publications included among the world’s top 10 percent most cited publications. But it has also improved in other areas when compared with last year’s ranking, increasing from 12 “A” scores in 2019 to 15 this year.

In both its global and regional analyses, U-Multirank compares universities across five broad categories: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and regional engagement. It draws data from a number of sources, including information supplied by bibliometric and patent databases.

U-Multirank is funded by the European Commission, and its rankings are based on data from more than 1,700 institutions in 92 countries.