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Awards, Arrivals, and Promotions

Congratulations to our latest award winners:

Richard P. Lifton has won the 2016 Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Biomedical Science. The award, given by The New York Academy of Medicine, recognizes Dr. Lifton for his seminal work on hypertension that has led to more effective prevention and treatment. He will be honored by the academy at an awards ceremony on November 3. Dr. Lifton is president and professor and head of the Laboratory of Human Genetics and Genomics.

Charles M. Rice has been honored with the 2016 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, the country’s most prestigious science prize. Dr. Rice shares the award with Ralf F.W. Bartenschlager of Heidelberg University and Michael J. Sofia of Arbutus Biopharma. The researchers are recognized for developing a system to study the replication of the virus that causes hepatitis C and using it to revolutionize the treatment of this chronic disease. The award will be presented at a ceremony on September 23. Dr. Rice is Maurice R. and Corinne P. Greenberg Professor in Virology and head of theLaboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease.

The Rockefeller community welcomes its latest hires:

Alexa Alifonso, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Deanna Belsky, Postdoctoral Associate, Tessier-Lavigne Laboratory
Chih-Chieh Chan, Visiting Fellow, Krueger Laboratory
Rolan Corpuz, High Voltage Maintenance Engineer, Plant Operations Power House
Rina Davidson, Laboratory Technician, McEwen Laboratory
Brittiny Dhital, Research Support Assistant, High Throughput Screening Resource Center
Jonatan Ersching, Postdoctoral Associate, Victora Laboratory
Christina Ferguson, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Sophia Franck, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Noel L. Goddard, Visiting Scientist, Fischetti Laboratory
Samantha Gomez, Assistant Teacher, Child and Family Center
Nicole Gurewich, Accounts Payable Analyst, Finance Accounting Services
Gerard Honig, Visiting Scientist, Fischetti Laboratory
Hong Hur, Scientific Programmer, Hospital Informatics
Johanne Jacobsen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Victora Laboratory
Dave Jacques, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Erich Jarvis, Professor Head of Laboratory, Jarvis Laboratory
Eunlee Jung, Assistant Safety Officer, Laboratory Safety and Environmental Health
Terrence Kumar, Research Assistant, Breslow Laboratory
Acacia Lawson, Human Resources Communications Administrator, Human Resources
Huaijin Ken Leon Loh, Postdoctoral Associate, Friedman Laboratory
Rebecca London, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Karolina Marciniak, Postdoctoral Associate, Freiwald Laboratory
Alexander Meeske, Postdoctoral Fellow, Marraffini Laboratory
Pilar Mendoza Daroca, Postdoctoral Associate, Nussenzweig Laboratory
Luka Mesin, Postdoctoral Associate, Victora Laboratory
Takeshi Morita, Postdoctoral Fellow, Vosshall Laboratory
Giulia Pasqual, Postdoctoral Associate, Victora Laboratory
Roman Poznanski, Visiting Professor, Reeke Laboratory
Yadira Ramos, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Carol Robinson, Visiting Professor, Chait Laboratory
Joan Ruskin Robinson, Assistant Teacher, Child and Family Center
Pablo Sartori, Postdoctoral Associate, Leibler Laboratory
Nikhil Sathyan, Foreign Research Intern, Darst Laboratory
Tyler Shendruk, Fellow in Physics and Biology, Center for Theoretical Studies
Mimi Shim, Clinical Research Nurse, Hospital Nursing Inpatient
Ian Tietjen, Postdoctoral Associate, Rice Laboratory
Gabriel Victora, Assistant Professor Head of Laboratory, Victora Laboratory
Mark Wagner, Mechanic III, Plant Operations Power House
Odaelys Walwyn, Scientist Educator, LAB, Dean’s Office
Ruisi Wang, Postdoctoral Associate, Rice Laboratory
Zongqiang Wang, Postdoctoral Associate, Brady Laboratory
Christine Ward, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Ian Woodworth, Research Assistant, Brady Laboratory
Melissa Wrobel, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Chenhui Zou, Visiting Fellow, Rice Laboratory

The following researchers have been promoted:

Bertrand Boisson, to Senior Research Associate, Casanova Laboratory
Ana Maria Magarinos, to Senior Research Associate, Pfaff Laboratory
Daniel Mucida, to Associate Professor Head of Laboratory, Mucida Laboratory

Here are the recent promotions among nonacademic staff:

Rebecca Alvania, to Executive Editor, JCB, and Director, Editorial Development, Rockefeller University Press
Eric Arrington, to Lead Helpdesk and Computer Support Specialist, Information Technology
Alla Ayzerov, to Assistant Director, Database Administration and Application Infrastructure, Information Technology
Abide Balli-Jah, to Group Leader, Comparative Bioscience Center
Anna Beekhee, to Administrative Coordinator, Plant Operations Office
Sasha Benson, to Development Officer, Development
Paul Bowers, to Mechanic II, Plant Operations HVAC Shop
Anekia Brown, to Head Teacher, Child and Family Center
Timothy Buckley, to Human Resources Associate, Human Resources
Thiago Carvalho, to Senior Scientific Editor, Rockefeller University Press
Melina Casadio, to Senior Scientific Editor, Rockefeller University Press
Mary Ellen Castillo, to Research Specialist, Rice Laboratory
Brianna Caszatt, to Senior Production Editor, Rockefeller University Press
Jarileen Celadilla, to Head Teacher, Child and Family Center
Billy B. Cherry, to Supervisor Accounts Payable, Finance Accounting Services
Alejo Chorny, to Senior Scientific Editor, Rockefeller University Press
Carlton Clarke, to Animal Attendant, Husbandry, Comparative Bioscience Center
Israel Coats, to Research Coordinator, Krueger Laboratory
Sylvia Cuadrado, to Managing Editor, JEM, Rockefeller University Press
Shawn Davis, to Associate Director, Development External Events, Development
Leslie L. Diaz, to Associate Director CBC, Comparative Bioscience Center
Benjamin DiMatteo, to Assistant Director, Development Research, Development
Altiman Dyer, to Facility Operations Supervisor, Comparative Bioscience Center
Brandon Fleischer, to Development Assistant II, Development
Natasha Forde, to Head Teacher, Child and Family Center
Kathleen Gaffney, to Development Associate, Development
Jing Gao, to Manager, Gene Targeting, Gene Targeting Resource Center
Lauren Gerber, to Research Specialist, Brivanlou Laboratory
Maura Gilmartin, to Lead Sponsored Programs Officer, Sponsored Programs Administration
Riva Gottesman, to Director of Regulatory Affairs and HIS, Hospital HIS
Jennifer Groves, to Program Coordinator, Research Support
Robert Hansen, to Inpatient Unit Coordinator, Hospital Nursing Inpatient
Emily Harms, to Senior Associate Dean, Dean’s Office
Erin Henegan, to Development Associate, Development
Derrick Hickman, to Waste Handler, Laboratory Safety and Environmental Health
Lynette Hidalgo, to Laboratory Technician, Fuchs Laboratory
Jill Horowitz, to Executive Director of Strategic Operations for the Vaccine Center, Nussenzweig
Oi Ling Hu, to Head Teacher, Child and Family Center
Balakanagaram Jayaraman, to HPC Systems Administrator, Information Technology
Anthoneth Jeffrey, to Regulatory Affairs and Health Information Specialist, Hospital HIS
Eunlee Jung, to Assistant Safety Officer, Laboratory Safety and Environmental Health
Elizabeth Kennedy, to Development Associate, Development
Ximena Leiva, to AV Support and Administration Coordinator, Information Technology
Howard Love, to Network Engineer, Information Technology
Caroline Lynch, to Development Officer, Development
Jennifer McQuillan, to Laboratory Administrator, Nussenzweig Laboratory
Patricia Medina, to Head Teacher, Child and Family Center
Demantie Motieram, to Office Administrator, Rockefeller University Press
Lily Nguyen, to Research Specialist, Paul Cohen Laboratory
Javier Ocasio, to Watch Engineer, Plant Operations Power House
Timothy O’Connor, to Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff
Jenna O’Neil, to Laboratory Coordinator, Young Laboratory
Anthony Palillo, to Laboratory Coordinator, Chen Laboratory
Roshni Patel, to Research Assistant, Nussenzweig Laboratory
Pamela Perkins, to Director, Parents and Science Initiative, Development
Clifton Phillips, to Lead Doorperson, Housing Scholars Residence
Isidore Ramkissoon, to Senior AV Support and Engineering Specialist, Information Technology
Roger Regis, to Senior Welder, Plant Operations Power House
Zofia Rozmus, to Head Teacher, Child and Family Center
Dorjee Shola, to Manager, Genome Editing, Gene Targeting Resource Center
Holly Smith, to Group Leader, Comparative Bioscience Center
Abigail Stein, to Educational Coordinator, Child and Family Center
Steven Tittley, to Animal Technician, Nussenzweig Laboratory
Mary Vasquez, to Senior Production Editor and Freelance Coordinator, Rockefeller University Press
Yakov Vizelter, to Associate Director for Helpdesk and AV/Media, Information Technology
Rebecca Wahrman, to Development Associate, Development
Janiris William, to Assistant Director of the Child and Family Center, Child and Family Center
Peter Zervos, to Grants Manager, Finance Accounting Services