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Awards, arrivals, and promotions

Congratulations to our latest award winners:

Paul Cohen has won a Young Investigator Award together with two of his collaborators. The prize is given by the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization to recognize projects under the theme of “complex mechanisms in living organisms,” with an emphasis on cutting-edge work and international collaborations. Dr. Cohen and Ana Domingos from the Gulbenkian Institute for Science in Portugal and Daniel Razanksy from the Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging of the Technical University of Munich make up one of seven teams who received the grant this year. Dr. Cohen is Albert Resnick, M.D. Assistant Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Metabolism.

Jeffrey Friedman was awarded the 2016 Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine. The prize, given by the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the Harrington Discovery Institute, celebrates physician-scientists who advance science with achievements notable for innovation, creativity, and potential for clinical application. Dr. Friedman is being honored for his discovery of leptin and the leptin-mediated pathway that controls feeding behavior. He is Marilyn M. Simpson Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics.

Jeffrey Ravetch has received an Outstanding Investigator Award from the National Cancer Institute. Now in its first year, the prize provides seven years of funding to support investigators who are making significant contributions toward understanding cancer and developing applications that may lead to a breakthrough in biomedical, behavioral, or clinical cancer research. Dr. Ravetch is Theresa and Eugene M. Lang Professor and head of the Leonard Wagner Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Immunology.

The Rockefeller community welcomes its latest hires:

Douglas Barrows, Postdoctoral Associate, Allis Laboratory
Shawn Boggs, Laboratory Administrator, Brivanlou Laboratory
Barbara Bosch, Foreign Research Intern, Casanova Laboratory
Cory Braxton, Porter, Housing Faculty House
Colin Flanagan, Research Assistant, Chen Laboratory
Javier Garcia Bermudez, Postdoctoral Associate, Birsoy Laboratory
Christina Graves, Postdoctoral Associate, Mucida Laboratory
Mary Hasek, Research Assistant, Casanova Laboratory
Maximilian Haupt, Visiting Student, Tuschl Laboratory
Joshua Horwitz, Postdoctoral Associate, Nussenzweig Laboratory
Romain Levy, Visiting Student, Casanova Laboratory
Jeffrey Maniko, Research Assistant, Brady Laboratory
Nicholas Moreno, Storeroom Clerk, Purchasing
Oreste Piro Perusin, Visiting Professor, Magnasco Laboratory
Clementine Prompt, Foreign Research Intern, Rice Laboratory
Marlene Quintas Pinho, Visiting Student, Tuschl Laboratory
Zhiji Ren, Postdoctoral Associate, Tavazoie Laboratory
Junko Takahashi, Teacher, Child and Family Center
Linda Valentino, Director of Nursing and Patient Care Services, Hospital Administration
Ling Wang, Postdoctoral Associate, Liu Laboratory