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70 employees honored for longtime service

Two ceremonies have been held this year to commemorate years of service to the university by Rockefeller employees. In June, employees who retired in 2014 and those celebrating special anniversaries of 30 or more years were feted at an anniversary and retirement dinner in the Great Hall of Welch. And in February, an employee recognition cocktail reception was held in Welch Hall honoring employees with 20 and 25 years of service at Rockefeller.

Employee Recognition

Honorees, from left to right: Alzatta Fogg with Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Roselaine A. Gavidia and guest, Devon White, Miklos Müller and Sanford Simon, and Isaisah Curry with Angie Dohnert.

Leonid Adamovych
Yolanda Alvarez
William Campbell
Nagarajan Chandramouli
Veronica Delph
Alzatta Fogg
Ann Bigelow Hallowell
Uster Jackson
Yuk Ching Ku
Gerald Latter
Mie-Lin Ng
Gloria Phipps
Ralph Reid
Aquiles Sosa
Luis Velilla
Ching Wah Yu

60 Years
Jules Hirsch
David Mauzerall

50 Years
Nicola Khuri
Mary Jeanne Kreek
Miklos Müller

45 Years
Carol Moberg

40 Years
Isaiah Curry

35 Years
Brian Chait
Mary Beth Dougherty
Elaine Markland
Josefina Poniente
James Schaefer
James Sullivan

30 Years
Carmen Balmaceda
Jan Breslow
Marnie Imhoff
Gualbert Louisy
Svetlana Mojsov
Sanford Simon
Mary Windels

25 Years
Alexander Baez
Lancelott G. Cameron
George B. Candler
Halina Kaczkowski
Kathy J. Kadoun
Maria M. Konarska
Bic Hang Leung
Marguerite T. Nulty
Michel C. Nussenzweig
Stephen L. Oram
Shastri Poliah
Susan R. Powell
Francisco Rivera
Dacia Vasquez

20 Years
Karen Bulloch
Elias Coutavas
Antonio Cruz
Kristen E. Cullen
Mindlya Fasman
Roselaine A. Gavidia
Mohamed Guermah
Ali Hemmati-Brivanlou
Mila Jankovic
Keith Jonas
Aleksandr Kats
Michelle M. Keenan
Orna Levran
Albert Libchaber
Marguerite Mangin
Joseph B. Patterson
Mary C. Raffloer
John Slattery
Maria T. Vargas-Hastings
Devon White