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New faces on campus


The newest graduate students are here and ready to don their lab coats. There are 27 students — 18 are a part of the Rockefeller Ph.D. program, one student is in the Tri-Institutional Chemical Biology program and eight are M.D.-Ph.D. students.

First row: Mariel Bartley, Joan Pulupa, Dylan Kwart, May Dobosiewicz; Middle row: Mya Thandar, Maria Sacta, Michelle Siao, Maria Moya, In Hae Lee, Melissa Pamula, Sofia Landi, Remzi Karayol; Back row: Zhenrun Zhang, Avital Percher, Robert Heler, Julien Azimzadeh, Laura Seeholzer, Jonathan Steinman, Corynn Kasap, Hugo Decker, Melissa Jarmel, Wendy Wang, Tasos Gogakos, Iain Martyn, Dimitrios Moirogiannis; Not pictured: Ian Butler and Jesse Hauver.