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Glasswashing Services

Glasswashing Services provides the Rockefeller University Laboratories with the following services:

  • Quality and efficient glassware washing and sterilization
  • Assistance with the use of sterilizers
  • Assistance with sterilizer service contracts
  • Pipette calibration and repair service
  • Collection and recycling of pipette tip boxes

Photo of glasswashing staff


Glasswashing Services provides glassware pickup and delivery service directly to the laboratory, generally as a same day service. Services routinely available include washing, drying, sterilization, baking and autoclaving of liquids.

Together with a dedicated and very knowledgeable staff, the Glasswashing Services facility is fully equipped with six Steris Reliance Laboratory Glass Washers, four Steris Reliance Laboratory Dryers, four Steris Reliance Laboratory Sterilizers and two Gruenberg ovens for dry sterilization at very high temperatures.

Glasswashing Services is available for regularly scheduled, ongoing arrangements as well as provision of temporary and emergency backup services for Laboratories when lab staff is on vacation or equipment is down for servicing.


Glasswashing Services can assist labs in obtaining service contracts for sterilizers shared by multiple labs.  Where applicable, Glasswashing Services can also provide training on proper use of sterilizers.

Pipette Calibration & Repair

Glasswashing services calibrate pipettes on the second Tuesday of every month. Pipettes are picked up on Monday by glasswash staff and brought to the facility for service, upon completion they are returned to the lab by facility staff. Request for service should be submitted to the manager of glasswashing services at least five business days prior to service.


Laboratories actively using radioactivity must receive clearance from Laboratory Safety & Environmental Health that the pipettes are safe to work with.


Glasswashing Services oversees the University program for the recycling of pipette tip boxes.  Glasswashing Services provides pickup service to collect and recycle clean pipette tip boxes from laboratories that use the Facilities’ services.  Collection bins are also provided outside the Glasswashing Services facility for those groups that do not have pickup service and/or for anyone who wants to bring their clean tip boxes to the facility for recycling.

Location & Hours

The Glasswashing Services facility is located in the Collaborative Research Center, Greenberg Building (CRC) C-level, as you exit the elevators.

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.



Glasswashing Services Resource Center
Greenberg Building
C Level Room CO2E