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Data Retention Policy

High Throughput Sequencing Data:
Due to the large size and high volume of sequencing data, we have very limited capacity for data retention.

  • Image files: Illumina sequencers no longer retain image files. Images are analyzed in realtime and immediately deleted by the sequencer software. Users therefore do not have the option of requesting image files.
  • Intermediate analysis files: The standard procedure is to retain the intermediate files at the GRC only during the troubleshooting phase, which is generally less than a month. If users would like a copy of the intermediate analysis files, they must request this when submitting samples AND provide a portable hard drive for the file transfer.
  • Analyzed data (FASTQ files): This data are delivered to users’ CFS folders or designated servers, and will be stored at the GRC for six months.  Once delivered, it’s users’ responsibility to keep the data files.

Other Data:
All other types of data (microarray, realtime PCR, Bioanalyzer, etc) will be retained at the GRC for one year.

Sample/Library Retention

If you would like to keep the samples or libraries that have already been analyzed, you need to get them back from us and store in your own freezers. We will keep them in our freezers for one month from the time the data is delivered. After one month, leftover samples and libraries will be discarded.