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Lecture Series, Academic Symposia

Glia-Neuron Interactions on Developing Circuits

Nicola Allen, Ph.D., assistant professor, molecular neurobiology laboratory, Hearst Foundation Development Chair, Salk Institute, Samantha Butler, Ph.D., associate professor, Brain Research Institute Neurobiology, UCLA, Frederic Charron, Ph.D., associate professor, department for medicine, IRCM, McGill University, Claude Desplan, Ph.D., professor, department of biology, director, Center for Developmental Genetics, New York University, Cagla Eroglu, Ph.D., associate professor of cell biology, Duke University, Marc Freeman, Ph.D., director and senior scientist, Vollum Institute, Mary Beth Hatten, Ph.D., Frederick P. Rose Professor, Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology, The Rockefeller University, Arnold Kriegstein, M.D., Ph.D., professor, University of California, San Francisco
Lecture Series, Academic Symposia

JCB JEM Symposium

Lecture Series, Academic Symposia

JEM/JCB Cancer Symposium

Lecture Series, Academic Symposia

Title TBA

Lecture Series, Academic Symposia

Memory, Mind and Mechanism: A Symposium in Honor of the Centenary of Brenda Milner

Elizabeth Buffalo, Ph.D., professor, department of physiology and biophysics, University of Washington, Rosa Cossart, Ph.D., Director of Research, Inmed - Institut de neurobiologie de la mediterranee, Daniel Dombeck, Ph.D., associate professor, department of neurobiology, Northwestern Universtiy, Jeffrey Magee, Ph.D., professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Kelsey Martin, M.D., Ph.D., Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine, professor, department of biological chemistry; University of California, Los Angeles, Michael Posner, Ph.D., professor emeritus, department of psychology, University of Oregon, John O'Keefe, Ph.D., professor of cognitive neuroscience, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre fir Neural Circuits and Behavior, University College London, Marcus Raichle, M.D., professor of radiology, neurology, neurobiology and biomedical engineering, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, Daniel Schacter, Ph.D., William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, Erin Schuman, Ph.D., director, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research; Professor of Biology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Larry Squire, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, neurosciences, and psychology, University of California, San Diego

More on Academic Events & Lectures

The Monday Lecture Series provides a forum for Rockefeller scientists to learn about the full range of research being carried out at the university. Monday lectures are informal – a chance for heads of laboratories to share new data and discuss research in progress. The Monday series also offers a venue for talks by visiting faculty who spend an extended period of time at the university. Lectures take place in the university’s Carson Auditorium at 4:00 p.m. (preceded by a tea reception at 3:45 p.m.) Monday lectures are open to Rockefeller community members only.

The Friday Lecture Series is one of the principal university-wide activities of the academic year. Scientists from around the world, and from varying disciplines, are invited to speak to the Rockefeller community and members of neighboring institutions to share their recent research, techniques and findings. Lectures take place in the university’s Caspary Auditorium at 3:45 p.m. (preceded by a tea reception at 3:15 p.m.)

The Special Seminar Series was established in the winter of 2007 to provide an opportunity for the University to highlight specific areas of research. The topical focus of these seminars changes based on campus initiatives, and the Series also includes speakers with potential interest to our ongoing faculty recruitment process. Seminars will be held on Mondays or Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in the Carson Family Auditorium and will be preceded by a tea/coffee reception at 3:45 p.m. Special seminars are open to Rockefeller community members only.

Academic Symposia are hosted throughout the year to honor, celebrate, and acknowledge scientific achievements of the University’s faculty, as well as national and international leaders spanning various fields of research.


Jill Benz
Program Director, Academic Events and Initiatives
1230 York Avenue
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