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Genome Integrity Meeting

  • This event already took place in December 2023
  • Carson Family Auditorium (CRC)

Event Details

Tri-Institutional Seminars at Rockefeller
1:40 p.m.: KJ Armache, Ph.D., associate professor, New York University, Mechanisms of Chromatin Modifying Complexes
2:10 p.m.: Alison Taylor, Ph.D., assistant professor, Columbia University, Functional and Computational Approaches to Uncover Selection Advantages of Cancer Aneuploidy
3:30 p.m.: Mia Levine, Ph.D., associate professor, University of Pennsylvania, Intra-genomic Conflicts and the Evolution of Genome Integrity
4:00 p.m.: Duncan Smith, Ph.D., associate professor, New York University, Mapping Hrq1 Helicase Activity at Nucleotide Resolution
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