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Mitochondrial Behavior

The Richard M. Furlaud Distinguished Lecture

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Friday Lecture Series
Jodi Nunnari, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and chair, department of molecular and cellular biology, University of California, Davis

Mitochondria are double membrane-bounded organelles that perform a myriad of diverse and essential functions in cells. These functions are dependent on the collective intracellular behavior of the organelle. The Nunnari lab has characterized key features of mitochondrial behaviors. Their work has addressed the physiological functions and mechanisms of mitochondrial division and fusion, which are important determinants of overall mitochondrial shape and distribution. They have characterized contact sites that intimately link mitochondria with the ER and determined their roles in mitochondrial positioning and dynamics. The lab has also addressed the fundamental question of how mitochondrial membranes are sub-compartmentalized to reveal how the complex internal architecture of the organelle is generated. The current challenge is to determine how mitochondrial behaviors are integrated with one another and physiologically regulated within cells and organisms.

Jodi Nunnari is a pioneer in the field of mitochondrial biology. She was the first to describe the organelle as a dynamic network in homeostatic balance and decipher the mechanisms of the machines responsible for mitochondrial division and fusion. Nunnari was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and studied chemistry at the College of Wooster before attaining a Ph.D. in pharmacology from Vanderbilt University. She was a postdoctoral fellow with Peter Walter at the University of California, San Francisco and joined the faculty at the University of California, Davis in The College of Biological Science in The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology in 1996. Nunnari was named Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Cell Biology in 2015, becoming the first woman to serve in this position. She is a member of the the American Society for Cell Biology, and served as the Society’s president in 2018. In 2017, Nunnari was elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences.



Justin Slobdoa
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Justin Slobdoa
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