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Press Coverage

Stanley S. and Sydney R. Shuman Associate Professor
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Selected Press Coverage

Daniel Kronauer general research profiles (in English):

– Colony of clues (Natalie Angier for The New York Times)

– The secret lives of ants (Sandeep Ravindran for PBS Nova Next)


Daniel Kronauer general research profiles (international):

– Räuber mit Pünktchen (Johann Grolle for Der Spiegel)


Articles covering specific projects (in English):

How insulin helped create ant societies (Jordana Cepelewicz for Quanta Magazine)

Worker ants: you could have been queens (Karen Weintraub for The New York Times)

World’s first genetically modified ants shed light on how complex insect societies evolved (Elizabeth Pennisi for Science)

– Scientists create the first mutant ants (Ben Guarino for The Washington Post)

CRISPR elucidates genetic basis of social behavior in ants (Viviane Callier for PNAS)

Ant genomes rewrite history of Panama land bridge (Carrie Arnold for Nature)

This beetle bites an ant’s waist and pretends to be its butt (Ed Yong for The Atlantic)

– Why cockroaches stay in your neighborhood (Derek Kravitz for The Wall Street Journal)


Articles covering specific projects (international):

Comment devenir reine des fourmis (Florence Rosier for Le Monde)

Derfor går myrer på række (Lasse Foghsgaard for Politiken)

Wie man Ameisen asozial macht (Katja Ridderbusch for Welt am Sonntag)

Wie Ameisen zu Einzelgängern werden (Anke Fossgreen for Sonntagszeitung Süddeutsche Zeitung)




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