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Storeroom (Stockroom)/Inventory Control Policies and Procedures

The University Storeroom is an internal supply center that serves the University scientific and administrative commodity requirements by offering commonly procured items at aggressive discounted prices. The prices of Storeroom items are more cost-effective than the University-based pricing discounts with the vendor, such that the end user may be able to receive items with same day retrieval and at more discounted price as opposed to ordering the same item outside of the Storeroom from the vendor with the University discount and may then also be subject to a longer wait time for order fulfillment and shipping and handling costs. The cost recovery of items offered for procurement in the Stockroom are realized completely by the University.

Most items requisitioned in error by the end user may be returned to the RU Storeroom without any restocking fee. In most cases most cases, credit is applied to the department account within the same day. Please use the: Returns of Internal Storeroom Item form when returning items to the Storeroom. The Storeroom Staff will not process any return without this form.

Items that are carried by the University Storeroom are based on volume purchases of scientific and office-related items. Items offered for sale are rotated for expiration dates on a weekly basis and if an item fails to sell with a significant volume between 3-6 months, that item will be replaced or discontinued from the University Stockroom.

Additional items to be considered for the Storeroom inventory, must have a minimum of (3) departments that will be able to purchase these items. Items that are exclusively used in bulk by one department, only should contact for the negotiation of a specific price discount for such commodities. Purchasing and receiving will not be able to store any such bulk item for the department; such details would need to be negotiated on behalf of the end user with the vendor in terms of storage and specific lot requests.

Items that added or deleted by the University Storeroom are done so at the discretion of the University Storeroom Manager and the inventory Control Department, based on sales and vendor performance. Such additions/deletions are posted under the Storeroom Additions/Deletions section.

The maintenance of storeroom commodity on hand quantities, replacement stock orders, sales order status, and the oversight of returns, emergency commodity dispensing and departmental account credits are maintained by the Inventory Control Staff. Any inquiry regarding sales order status or any general Storeroom inquiry may be directed to: