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Flow Cytometry Resource Center User Fees FY15

July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

FCRC Instrument Service RU Users Fee/hour External Uses
Setup time Min booking
Max booking
per day 
Late Cancellation
Assisted Unassisted Policy Charge %
Cell Sorters
(Aria-1; Aria-2; Aria-3)
$116 N/A $232 30 min 30 min N/A <48 h 50%
Image Analyzer
$116 N/A $232 30 min 30 min N/A <48 h 50%
Advanced Analyzers
(BD LSRII-1; BD LSRII-2; BD LSR-Fortessa)
$102 $44 $204 N/A 30 min 2 h <12 h 50%
Basic Analyzer
(BD Accuri C6)
$90 $32 $180 N/A 30 min 2 h <3 h 50%

Sorting and instrument use fees are billed in 15-minute increments. You are urged to book only those hours that you estimate your sort or analysis will require. The rate shown above for BD FACSAria sorting applies for the first 50 hours of actual sorting time in any one month by a Laboratory. Additional sorting hours in the same month by the same Laboratory are billed at 25% less. The total fee for any sort is calculated on the booked hours plus any actual time used in excess of the booked hours plus the set-up and clean-up fees described below.

Pre-sort set-up/Post-sort clean-up fees

The total charge for FACSAria sorters and ImageStream-X includes an additional flat fee ($58, internal users; $116, external users) to cover the required time for pre-sort/pre-acquisition set-up and post-sort/post-acquisition clean up. For sorts of yeast/bacteria, the flat rate is $174 ($348 for external users). For sorts that cannot be run using standard PBS buffer and therefore require changing the buffer, the flat rate is $174 ($348 for external users).

Cancellation and "Booked-Not-Used" Fees for the Instruments

Note: Please make sure to cancel a booked session to avoid (if cancelled on time) or decrease (in case of late cancellation) the charges! FCRC-PPMS prevents double-charges and in case somebody else used the time, late-cancelled, or booked-not-used by you, the fees will not be applied to your account.

FCRC Staff Service Internal
Late Cancellation
Policy Charge %
"Beyond the Basics"
Flow Cytometry Class (5 hours)
$166 $332 <48 h 50%
"Ask and Expert"
Consultations  (per hour)
no charge $116 <48 h 50%
Hands-on Training (per hour) no charge N/A <24 h N/A
Data Analysis (per hour) $58 $116 <24 h 50%

Staff Services and Assistance

For non-sorting experiments, you may enlist FCRC staff assistance, which includes but is not limited to:

Refer to the table above for the fees for these services.

Computer usage

Usage of the workstation MAC and PC computers at FCRC is free of charge. The FCRC staff also offers the help with the data analysis for fee (see the Table above).

While every effort will be made to schedule changes in usage fees to coincide with the University's fiscal year and to provide advance notification of such changes, the University reserves the right to modify usage fees at any time and without notice.


July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016FCRC Instrument ServiceRU Users Fee/hourExternal Uses Assisted Fee/hourSetup timeMin bookingIncrementsMax bookingper day Late CancellationAss