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National Medal of Science

Since its establishment in 1959, the National Medal of Science has been awarded to distinguished scientists and engineers whose careers spanned decades of research and development. Twenty scientists associated with The Rockefeller University have been honored with this award:


2008 Recipient, Elaine Fuchs, Ph.D.

National Medal of Science

Howard Hughes Medical Investigator Elaine Fuchs, head of the Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development and The Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor at Rockefeller University, is a world leader in skin cell biology and its associated human diseases. Her work, which has received international acclaim, focuses on how stem cells in the skin undergo their orderly but complicated cycle of self-renewal, how they are coaxed to heal wounds and what goes wrong in disease. Fuchs has also gained recognition for her long-standing record of support for women in science.


Past Rockefeller Recipients

  • 2008  Elaine Fuchs
  • 2005  Torsten N. Wiesel
  • 2003  James E. Darnell Jr.
  • 2002  James Glimm
  • 1999  David Baltimore
  • 1997  William K. Estes
  • 1991  George A. Miller
  • 1989  Joshua Lederberg
  • 1986  George Palade
  • 1979  Paul A. Weiss
  • 1976  Keith Porter
  • 1976  George K. Uhlenbeck
  • 1974  James A. Shannon
  • 1973  Frederick Seitz
  • 1968  Detlev W. Bronk
  • 1966  Fritz A. Lipmann
  • 1965  Peyton Rous
  • 1965  Donald D. Van Slyke
  • 1964  Theodosius Dobzhansky
  • 1964  Neal E. Miller

Elaine Fuchs receives the National Medal of Science from President Obama