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Procurement Policies and Procedures


Returns of goods obtained through a purchase order should be arranged by the Purchasing office, specifically by the purchasing agent who placed the order in the first place (this is found on the requisition detail in iProcurement, or the end user may contact the Purchasing Department, directly via email:

If you receive an incorrect or damaged item, or an item that is not functioning properly, contact: to request a return of an item from an external vendor for either replacement or full credit of the item(s) purchased. Please note that many vendors have different terms & conditions governing the returns of certain items and/or accessories. In general most vendors will accept returns between 15-30 business days from date of shipment, but this time frame may vary depending on the individual vendor's return policies and the degree of customization of the item(s).

The purchasing agent will contact the company and obtain a return authorization number and the exact address for returns. Keep the item in the original packaging material and follow instructions for proper storage as indicated. Please also note that in certain cases, the end user must notify the Office of Laboratory Safety & Environmental Health (LS&EH) (Ext. 8324) to provide any vendor-required radio/chemical or bio-hazard decontamination certification/documentation prior to returning the equipment/chemical or laboratory supplies back to the vendor. Any equipment that is to be returned to a vendor that is coming form a Rockefeller University laboratory in which radioactivity is being performed, MUST coordinate with LS&EH in obtaining a radioactive wipe test to document the equipment is free of any radioactive contamination prior to sending the equipment back to the vendor.

If the item was requisitioned in error by the end user, the end user agrees to incur the restocking fee and all transportation fees to return this item to the vendor. If the incorrect item was sent by the vendor, the vendor assumes all shipping, exporting and duty tariff-related costs and must send the replacement as soon as possible.

If the end user contacts a vendor directly for a replacement, the end user must obtain the return authorization number, address for returns and the name of the contact person. This information must be supplied to the purchasing agent or to ensure that the return is properly documented and that proper credits are posted to your account. Please also note that any and all equipment returns MUST be coordinated with the Purchasing & LS&EH Departments. Failure to contact purchasing may result in the delay of receipt of the correct item and may delay or prevent the application of credit due on the order.

Items to be returned should be packaged according to guidance from the vendor and the purchasing agent. A copy of the Returned Material or Goods Authorization (RMA) form should be enclosed, and the RMA number should be posted on the outside of the packaging. Bring all items for return to the 64th Street Receiving Department for shipment, fill out the shipping log book for UPS shipments, including a valid PTAEO (if the end user department is paying the shipping fees). Please post the UPS Call Tag or Courier Pick up Tag on the box if the vendor is paying for the shipping fees. For assistance with the packaging and shipping process, contact the Receiving Staff.

Packages brought back to the Receiving Department without the proper documentation and approval by the Purchasing Department will not be processed for return to the vendor, and not be accepted by Receiving.

The Purchasing and Receiving Departments are not responsible for damage, loss or theft of any packages dropped off at the Purchasing or Receiving Departments without the proper return authorization information.

Items obtained through the Stockroom may be returned to the Stockroom, along with the Stockroom Materials Return Form (please see Forms Directory). No restocking fees are applied by the Stockroom. Items being returned for credit should be unopened. Defective items will be replaced immediately.