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Procurement Policies and Procedures

TYPE OF PURCHASE Enter requisition in IAS Oracle iProcurement Request check for payment from Finance Office1 Send request to Library Services Enter in HPAssist
Regular orders X      
Standing and blanket purchase orders X      
Repairs X      
Reprints2 X      
Rentals X      
Service contracts X      
Stockroom items X3      
Lab animals4 X      
Radioactive materials5       X
Freight & messenger charges not associated with a purchase order   X    
Payment for service done by consultants and individuals X6 X6    
Registration fees   X    
Reimbursements/refunds (including airline tickets and travel advances)   X    
Small cash or emergency same day need by credit card purchases [<$200] X7 X    
Books X8   X8  
Dry Ice9 - - - -
On-line search services     X  
Research information reference manager orders     X  
Subscriptions: journals, magazines, newspapers     X  
Membership dues   X    

All check requests (requests forms are available from the Finance Office website) should be sent directly to the Finance Office. Inter-departmental service charges incurred from the Shops, Resource Centers, IT, etc., do not require a Purchase Order.

2Reprint orders for non-RU Press journals should be requisitioned using the Oracle iProcurement. Reprint orders from the RU Press journals (JCB, JEM, JGP, JCI) do not require a purchase order. For RU Press reprints, fill out the reprint order form, indicate your account number (supply the full PTAEO) and send it directly to the RU Press office.

3The Stockroom catalog is available electronically on the Oracle iProcurement homepage. End users must request Stockroom items via Oracle iProcurement. Stockroom Sales Order status may be obtained by contacting

4Animals requisitioning - Place the requisition for animals as a non-catalogue request via Oracle iProcurement. When placing such a requisition, the end user must select animals as the category to ensure proper execution of the requisition. Animal requisitions must be approved by Comparative Bioscience Center (CBC) and must be associated with an IACUC-approved protocol.

5Radioactive materials requisitions must be entered in the on-line HP Assist program available on the Laboratory Safety & Environmental Health website. Any request for radioactive isotopes submitted through Oracle iProcurement will be canceled by Purchasing and the end user will be directed to enter the requisition in HP Assist. Questions about HP Assist may be posed to LS&EH.

6Consulting services from corporate and large business entities should be covered by contract between the University and the consulting service company. Requisitions that describe the services should be entered via the Oracle iProcurement system and a copy of the contract should be provided to the Purchasing Department. Purchase orders are required for contracting corporate or larger entity services such as a consulting or analytical firm. Requests for payment for consulting services from an individual should be made using the "Authorization for Payment of Fees to Individuals" form available on-line from the Finance Office website. Executive University Contracts executed by a senior Financial or Legal Officer will be exempt from obtaining a purchase order. Consulting services by an individual should also be covered by a contract or an agreement on scope of services. Human Resources provides guidance on complying with IRS-based terms and conditions for use of individual consultants.

7Commodities procured from vendors that do not honor net 30-day terms or that require immediate payment through the University procurement card must be handled by the Purchasing Department. It is at the discretion of the Director of Materials Management & CPO to determine if such business will be granted to a vendor demanding full payment with the Purchasing credit card as opposed to alternatively sourcing the commodity/service to be procured from a vendor that does accept net 30 day terms. Do not order these on your individual corporate card. These purchases are reconciled against a specific purchase order and are considered upon acceptance of the terms and conditions and product receipt of the end user as both fully received and invoiced and charged against the end user University account number. [Note that the University will reimburse for charges made against a corporate credit card issued to an individual employee for University-related travel and legitimate and documented expenses associated with University-related travel only. Please contact the Finance Office if you have questions about the rules governing the appropriate use of corporate credit cards.]

8Books that are not available through the Library acquisitions program or that are needed on a rush basis may be requisitioned through Oracle iProcurement.

9For Dry Ice requisitions, complete the Dry Ice Form available on the IAS website under "Useful Tools" and fax it to the Purchasing Department at ext. 7905. When filling out this form, please indicate the type and amount of dry ice required and the required delivery date. Only requests with a valid PTAEO will be processed. To ensure prompt processing of the dry ice request, the end user is encouraged to email confirmation of the request to