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Student Housing Facilities

Campus Housing: There are currently two campus dormitories serving the student body. The following amenities represent a few reasons students choose campus housing: Graduate Students Residence (GSR) is a 4-story elevator building built in 1959. GSR's address is 1226 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021. GSR presently consists of: Each apartment features windows equipped with newly installed air conditioners. There is a laundry facility located on the second floor of the building. GSR also features two newly renovated squash courts on the lower level.

Sophie Fricke Hall (SFH) is a 5-story elevator building, built in 1964. SFH's address is 1230 York Avenue. SFH consists of 48 apartments including: SFH also houses the Brooke Astor Student Center, which is equipped with a full kitchen, meeting space, and TV lounge. There is a laundry facility located on the first floor of the building.

Off-Campus Housing: Student units are located in Faculty House (FH). FH's address is 500 East 63rd Street and is located at the corner of 63rd Street and York Avenue. The building is linked to campus via the Campus Community Bridge. Other Faculty House amenities include: Student housing available in FH includes 19 two-bedroom, shared bathroom suites and 3 three-bedroom, 2 bath suites, each with a full-size kitchen, and a living room. Utilities are also included.

Lyden House (LH), owned by the Animal Medical Center, is located at 320 East 53rd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. The amenities of this building include: Alternatives To Standard Student Housing: Alternative housing is available for students who are willing to pay the higher rents charged to postdoctoral fellows and associates. Students can apply for postdoc housing no more than 6 months before their arrival. Students interested in applying for faculty housing will be placed on a wait list and will be notified by a representative from the Housing Department when an apartment is available. If you are interested in faculty housing, contact Sharisse Brown at x7970 or email her at:

Rockefeller University student housing is restricted to participants in the University's PhD, Tri-Institutional and visiting student programs. Please contact Joseph Alonzo at x7544 or email: if you have any questions regarding student housing.