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Shipping Procedures

Outgoing packages to be shipped via UPS must be brought to the 64th Street Receiving area. They must be properly labeled with the complete return and ship-to address and sealed. Users must enter all pertinent information such as name of sender, department, extension number, account number to be charged, and insurance amount in the UPS log book. UPS picks up packages from this designated area at about 11 a.m. daily.

Packages that are to be returned to a Vendor (due to incorrect item received, damaged item, item cannot be used as originally anticipated, etc), must be associated with a valid University Purchase Order and must have a valid Return Goods/Materials Authorization Number (RGA or RMA#) from the vendor and the corresponding RGA form from the authorized University Purchasing Agent. Please do not bring any Purchase Order-related package to Receiving for return to the Supplier without any return authorization documentation. Any package that is brought to Receiving without proper documentation will not be accepted.

Commodities may also be shipped to the vendor as part of a repair or warranty-related repair. (Please see the section on Repairs under Procurement Policies)The end user should request appropriate insurance levels on any item to be sent to a vendor for repair.

Packages to be shipped via Federal Express or the US Postal Service must be brought to the Mail Room. Shipping forms are available from the Mail Room.

Depending upon the nature of the shipment and the recipient(s), additional approvals, permits, and documentation may be required.

If you are shipping hazardous or potentially hazardous materials, it is very likely that special shipping documents (including permits) must accompany the shipment. Minimally, the package must meet DOT/IATA regulations and the person preparing the package for shipment must be appropriately trained. Additional information and guidance is available from LS&EH. Please also see Shipment of Hazardous Materials.

If you are shipping equipment/instrumentation, you may need to obtain approval from Finance for release of the equipment. Please contact Finance Controllers Office (John Vega - email: x8325). Forms for shipment/transfer of equipment are available online.

Guidance and advice on the Material Agreement: is available from the Office of Technology Transfer.

If you are shipping equipment, equipment parts, software, or materials out of the country, you may need an export license. Questions about export control licenses may be posed to the Office of the General Counsel.

University business-related packages may be sent from the 64thStreet Receiving department or from the Mail Room.

Please be advised that the Receiving staff and the Mail Room staff will inquire about the nature of the items being shipped to ensure that the items are of a non-hazardous nature and that the shipment is compliant with all appropriate policies and regulations. Additional steps and approvals are required for shipment of hazardous materials. Please review the University policy on Shipping Hazardous Materials. Questions about shipping hazardous materials may be posed to LS&EH.

University shipping and receiving staff and resources are to be used for University purposes only. Personal packages may not be shipped using the University's Receiving services. University Receiving staff are not responsible for lost or damaged items that are of a personal nature and not related to University business.