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Usage Rates for Fiscal Year 2017


EMRC Usage Rates for FY2017 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017)

Category I (done by users) Unit RU users Non-RU user
Processing Tissue / Immuno EM /run  $15.50  $31.00
Automated sample process /run  $71.00  $142.00
Use of High  presure freezing /run  $154.50  $309.00
Use of Freeze substitution* /hour  $1.05  $2.10
* LN2 supply for Freeze substitution /fill  $25.75  $51.50
Use of supporting device: CPD, Ion Spatter, Bio Wave, Glass knife maker, ultra microtome /hour  $15.50  $31.00
Cryo-EM Preparation (Cyo Plunger, Cryo-Holder Evacuations, Heating plate, Ethane, LN2) /hour  $15.05  $31.00
Scoping EM (Peak time -10am-6pm, M-F) /hour  $44.60  $89.20
Scoping EM (Off Peak time - 6pm-10am, M-F) /hour  $32.00  $64.00

Scoping EM (Overnight 10pm to 9:30am, M-TH 10pm Fri to 8am Mon)

/hour 22.30 44.60
Scoping (LM) /hour  $32.00  $64.00
Image analysis station (IMOD, Chimera, AMIRA, Fiji, Image J, etc.) /hour  $10.50  $21.00
Category II (done by EMRC staff) Unit  RU users   Non-RU user 
Consultation /hour  FREE   $155.00
Training  /hour  FREE   $155.00
Scoping EM /hour  $73.00  $146.00
Labor** /hour  $73.00  $146.00
Use of High  pressure freezer /run  $154.50  $309.00
Use of Freeze substitution* /hour  $1.00  $2.00
* LN2 supply for freeze substitution /fill  $25.75  $51.50
Serial /Cryo  sectioning /hour  $103.00  $206.00
Category III (3View Operation by EMRC Staff) Unit RU users   Non-RU user 
Trimming, mounting and testing sample /sample  $154.50  $309.00
Half-day operation /run  $237.00  $474.00
One-day operation /run  $423.00  $846.00
Extended data collection (Peak time) /hour  $44.50  $89.00
Extended data collection (Off peak time) /hour  $32.00  $64.00
• Priority is placed for RU projects. Non-RU projects may be available depending on capacity and availability of device and/or EMRC staff.
Note: Examples of typical experiments: The following examples are provided as guidance for budget planning:
1. Conventional TEM: discussion (1hr) + tissue process (~8hr) + cutting sections (~1hr/sample) + staining + scope time
1. Conventional SEM: discussion (1hr) + tissue process (4-8hr) + coating + scope time
2. Immuno EM: discussion (1hr) + Immuno-staining variable) + tissue process (~8hr) + cutting sections (1hr/sample) + staining + scope time
3. Negative staining: discussion (1hr) + glow discharge (20 min) + negative staining + scope time
5. Training of operation of EM: a couple of hours
** List of "Labor" includes following items, but not limited
Processing (tissue/cell ≤6 samples/run) (~8hr for TEM, ~4-6hr for SEM, ~12 hr for 3View)
Immuno-EM  (≤6 samples/run)
Negative staining  (≤6 samples/run)
Cryo-EM Preparation
Use of supporting device: Critical Point Dryer, Ion Spatter, Bio Wave, Evaporator
Ultrathin sections 
Computer image process and analysis

 The University reserves the right to modify usage rates.


 EMRC Usage Rates for FY2017 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017)Category I (done by users)UnitRU usersNon-RU userProcessing Tissue / Immuno EM/run $15.50 $31.00