Electron Microscopy Resource Center

Scanning Electron Microgram of mouse nodal Cilia in the neuronal tube. (Eleana Sphicas of Rockefeller University and Kathryn V. Anderson of Sloan-Kettering Institute)

Welcome to the Electron Microscopy Resource Center (EMRC)

The EMRC, formerly the EM service of the Bio-Imaging Resource Center, now functions as an independent resource center while maintaining close cooperative ties to the Bio-Imaging Resource Center. The EMRC provides support to University researchers for transmission- and scanning-electron microscopy. Based on center capacity, support is also available to researchers from other not-for-profit institutions. The EMRC is located in the Rockefeller Research Building (RRB), room 120.

About EMRC

EM study is used to explore the yet to be solved, ultra-structural mysteries. In recent years a vast expansion in fundamental knowledge of physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology has been achieved, but awaits integration of knowledge with other discoveries, particularly with structural studies. There is a critical need to integrate molecular functions and cellular fine structure. The EMRC at Rockefeller University, through its support of University researchers, aims to take a lead in these new scientific challenges.