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Independent Fellows

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Brad Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.

John C. Whitehead Presidential Fellow

Recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies and computational analysis have made it possible to explore massive sets of biological information in unprecedented detail. Dr. Rosenberg’s lab aims to apply these technologies to the study of antigen receptor diversity in the adaptive immune system. Using a combination of molecular biology, microfluidics and high throughput DNA sequencing, the lab is developing a method for profiling T and B cell antigen receptors in large, complex populations of cells. This approach will be used to study the antigen receptor repertoire as it relates to immune function in contexts such as infection, vaccination and autoimmune disease. Aside from immunology, these research tools are expected to have broad utility for many other biological systems in which genes of interest contain different sequences distributed within a complex cell mixture. Additional research efforts in the laboratory include identifying noncanonical messenger RNA modifications and characterizing the innate immune response to viral infections.